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About 30 years ago someone gave me the book, “The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity” by Julia Cameron. I never read it.  Let’s see… where was I in my life 30 years ago?  Well, for starters, I was 30 years younger, funny when I type that I don’t feel 30 years older… in fact, I had to do the mental math, to get it right! J  but I digress.

I never read the book.

I didn’t read it for years and years.

Recently I read it, I don’t know why, I just did and as always, perfect timing.

First, let me tell you that the exercise I am going to introduce I had first learned about when studying for my coaching certification.  It appears now, that this pre-dates my learning material and while there was no nod to it in my references, I need to give it full homage now.  The following exercise is a great visual tool for understanding quickly how to get “unstuck” and activate your creativity and soul.

It’s called the Life Circle or Life Pie and it’s easy to use.


Step One: Read the heading next to each slice of pie

Step Two: Draw a dot or a line across each section to indicate your current level for each item.

A full slice of pie means that items is filled up in your life, nearly none of the slice, means nearly none of that item in your current circumstances.

Once you have marked each item if they aren’t already, connect them all with lines.

You will, at a glance see which areas of your life need more of your attention.

Keep in mind, this is your life pie.  Once you read your slices, there is more work for you to do. Many people will immediately look for the reasons “why” a slice is a little emptier than others.  Don’t be that person.  Look at your pie.  Decide to fill that empty slice. Don’t get hung up on why that slice is less full than the others, just recognize it is, and start to think about filling it.

If you’d like to read more about unlocking your creativity, I strongly suggest reading: The Artists’s Way by Julia Cameron, or my new book: Waking up Divorced: Single Mom’s Guide to an Amazing Life.


life pie

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