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52 Week Money Challenge and Adventure

This morning my Facebook wall was abuzz with a long list of things we can do this coming year to make a difference in our lives.  Many of the suggestions and comments, I enjoy.  One of my favorite is the 52 week money challenge.  I like this one because it is such a positive forward moving process.

Imagine, having $4030.00 this time next year.  I love the idea of traveling and adventure and the money absolutely sings to me of a vacation.

The challenge is simple, start a savings account and each week put in 1 dollar more than the last.

Week One: $1.00

Week Two: $2.00

Week Three: $3.00

and so on and so on… at the end of the year, after your deposit of $52.00 you will have saved $1378.00.

I love that challenge.  I immediately think about how I could use that money.  I immediately believe in the possibilities of that money.  I immediately start to expand the opportunity of that money and look at upping the ante.  What if I deposited money in increments of $2.00 a week?   At the end of the year my deposit would be $103.00 but I will have saved $2700.00!  What about $3.00 a week?  Did you know that if you save increments of $3.00 a week at the end of 1 year, you will have saved $4030.00.

I like to think about things like this because it gets me thinking about what’s possible, about what I AM able to accomplish with a small change.  Right now, I can set a goal for $4030.00 by this time next year and I can start planning for that renovation, the new car, the real vacation, the … whatever I want!

For me, exercises like this help to throw me out of the default setting of regular life and into the exciting and creative experience of imagining new and greater experiences.

There’s another reason I like this challenge.  I like this challenge because it puts “money” in it’s place.  Money ISN’T everything, it’s just a tool.  Sometimes we forget, sometimes I forget.  Sometimes I can’t help thinking about how much something will cost, or how much I will get paid.  I think it, as if the money is the end result, but the money is a tool, not the finish line.

Sometimes we spend so much time thinking about not having money, that having it seems like the goal, but when you think about it, I’m sure you will agree, money makes it easier.  It’s like the difference between having a hammer and a nail gun.  A little money works, but it’s slow to get big things accomplished, like a hammer.  The hammer puts in one nail at a time, after several swings.  Lots of money, like a nail gun, let’s us accomplish much more.  Think about that, would you ever imagine that the nail gun is the goal?  Would you ever slave and sweat to get to the nail gun?  Probably not, it’s what the nail gun can do for you.  It’s how the nail gun will make it easier to accomplish other things.

That is how money should be treated.  Like a tool.

So, before you start this 52 week challenge, set a goal.

Think of a few things you’d like to do with the money when you have it.  Think of those things every time you put the money in savings.  Experience the joy of moving forward towards that goal!

So, here are the rules as I learned them:

Each week you put a sum of money in the bank.   You choose an amount from the list of 52 weeks and you can only deposit that amount once.  I’ve included (3) graphs for your enjoyment.  I hope you plan something amazing!  Enjoy.

52 week challenge saving 1 dollar a day equals 1378 52 week challenge saving $2.00 a week equals 2704.00 52 week challenge saving $3.00 a week equals $4030


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