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Who is your tribe?

Who is your tribe?

Finally it seems like the conversation is shifting, from “What’s in it for me?” to “How can I help?

It’s been a long slow road to get to the point where our conversations and language are allowing a broader discussion about sales and purchasing and buying and creativity and offers and wealth.  Now, we’re using words like abundance and affluence and mindfulness and a heart centered work environment is no longer exclusively “for women.”

I’ll be honest, when I started my coaching business my primary focus was to help women entrepreneurs.  WHY?  Because the women entrepreneurs that want help USUALLY aren’t the pushy aggressive, pitchy and salesy type.  They are the ones that got into the business to change lives.  Their own and those that they serve.  These women have always felt uncomfortable with the sales paradigm of “always having something to sell” and reject the modus operandi of the Door to Door salesman by constructing their “elevator pitch.”  However, the “if you build it, they will come” doesn’t always work either.

The pushy, pitchy salesy crowd are a boisterous bunch, they are great fun at a party… but not so much on the phone.  However, I respect that part of them that makes the cold call.  I wouldn’t want to do it.  So, I’m always kind, however insistent that I don’t want to change my energy provider, phone service, car insurance or buy a new vehicle warranty.  The problem is, they aren’t offering me anything that I’m interested in buying.  I’m not in their target market.  These cold calls are a shot in the dark.

The good news is, the tides are changing and there’s more talk about “social sales“…  and less about cold calls.  My people, the “how can I help” people are finally invited to take part in a sales conversation.  AND as it turns out, We are uniquely positioned to turn our conversations into sales… I help my clients know how.  I am among the few that are teaching this tribe of amazing and creative entreprenuers how to get the message out and let people know your service is available AND valuable.

Your expertise, your creativity, your honest genuine and authentic desire to help your clients and customers experience a positive outcome is the ONLY reason you do what you do.  AND finally there are ways to convert your social conversations on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and twitter into sales.

Most of my clients struggle with getting paid.  NOT that people wouldn’t pay then, but they so undervalue their worth that in many times they either don’t charge enough, or anything at all.  I tell them this quote I read recently, “You can not be a light if you can’t pay your light bill.”  AND there is no trick to earning a 6 figure income doing what you love, but there are some secrets.

I’ll let you in on 2 secrets today:


If I told you that I would hand you $50,000.00 today and every 3 months, would you want it?  I mean, think about how that money would change your life.  “Wait!” you say, “You always say money isn’t the goal” … Correct.  So, I want you to imagine your life with that much money. $50,000.00 every 3 months.  Imagine the freedom.  The joy, the happiness.  Never having to check your bank account before paying the electric bill, or wondering where the car payment is going to come from.  Imagine the easy way that you schedule vacations in the summer, imagine the time freedom to volunteer in the community.

See, money is the tool.  The GOAL is freedom.  Think about all of those things that you will do when you have built your My Tribe we are a creative peoplecompany in a way that provides you with recurring payments.  No longer only getting paid for your time, you have created products and services or perhaps a membership or events that provide you with the money (aka the tools) to live the life of your dreams.  THAT is the first secret. Understand your true goal.

Too many people have flimsy or unspecific goals that end in money.

“I want to make more money”

“I just want to make enough to quit my job”

“I just want to make enough to work part time”

I am suggesting that you tap into your hearts desire and truly imagine the life you will lead when you are successful.  Don’t think about the HOW you will get there, just imagine you THERE!  Having the abundance of time, energy and finances to live freely and love unencumbered.


Probably the most important thing about being successful is to find that circle of people who have the same language for things, beliefs and dreams.  Think about it.  How much easier for you to succeed when you can talk to people you connect with, who can see your vision and believe in the possibilities?  You are an expert and need to surround yourself with people that know your value, that share your opinion of your value.

I say you are an expert because whether you know it or not, you are.  I have a friend that is the QUEEN of organization.  She can literally come into a room and a short time later, it’s like a brand new house.  But alas, she thinks, “anyone can do that.”  Truth be told, I’m a bit of a messy person… ok, ok, I’m a full on messy person, with a very HIGH THRESHOLD for mess.  It has to get pretty bad for me to stop just walking by and start the cleaning process.   My friend has a few tips that have really helped.  Things I can do every day, to eliminate the HUGE cleaning job that needs to get done once a week. (ok ok bi-weekly)

My friend is a lovely person and I adore her, but she’s not really in my tribe.  Yes, she’s an expert, but she doesn’t share my vision.  I have had MANY conversations with her and tried to convince her to move forward and step into a business and claim her expertise and help others AND GET PAID for helping… but she refuses.  And, I can’t make her.  It’s not my job to MAKE her do anything.  It’s my job to introduce her to the possibility and if she wants help… well, then… that’s more of what I do.

So, I have a lot of friends that aren’t in my tribe.  That doesn’t make them less valuable to me as friends… but I wouldn’t invite them to a workshop or product party, they just aren’t people interested in those possibilities.

My tribe are those heart centered entrepreneurs that feel driven to make a difference in the lives of the people they serve.  THOSE people speak to my heart and it’s THOSE people I connect with and help shape their businesses.  Some people just want a part time job, and others want something more.   I love my work with members of my tribe as we map out the steps to their success and I watch them design the life of their dream.  That… fills my heart.  That is what I’m meant to do.  And it’s within this great circle of people that I find incentive, encouragement and energy to continue my own journey to success.

What does your tribe look like?  I’d love to hear from you.  Email me at info@wendaoneill.com



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