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Recognizing the Level of the Problem

One of my favorite quotes has been attributed to Albert Einstein, “You can never solve a problem on the level on which it was created.” First of all, who doesn’t love a quote from Albert Einstein, I mean all that crazy hair and crazy thinking and talking. I think what I like about the quote the most is how it really speaks volumes with so few words. I, on the other hand, keep writing and writing and writing….
The key to solving any problem is to decide to look at it from a different level.

There is no other conclusion. Why else would you wake up in the morning with the answers that you went to sleep seeking, or suddenly out of the blue receive the answer to a problem or question dropped in your lap “when you least expect it”, because you are no longer looking at the problem from the same level as the problem.

We are all like my 11-year-old daughter when it comes to solving problems. We have trained ourselves to beat the problem to submission until we feel different about the problem or continue to harp on the problem causing a deeper and deeper groove in the old record. Do you have kids? Have you ever seen a tantrum? There are usually a lot of phrases like, “I can’t ” or “I don’t want to” or “It won’t work” or “It isn’t the same” and we are all a little like that.

Pick a problem. Let’s say, “No money.” Good problem to pick, You feel like you don’t have any money. I guarantee I could give you 5 solutions and your knee jerk reaction to at least 3 would be “I can’t do that”. Like most people, you may have even been thinking about this problem and wishing and wanting more money for the last 10, 15 or 20 years. To many the “new thought” or Law of Attraction crowd would have you “believe” that the money exists and it will appear. AND if it doesn’t then you simply aren’t doing it right. Well, no wonder it doesn’t work for everyone, that’s like your boss saying, “I’ll pay you $50.00 an hour if you work correctly, I’ll give you some general guidelines and you’ll know when you have worked correctly because I’ll pay you the money, if you don’t get the money than you’ll know that you haven’t done it properly”

Oh yes, I can see where most would say, that smacks of old school snake-and-oil-salesmanship.
What if…. I mean, imagine for a second, what if … well, what if you are doing it wrong?
I mean, the whole thing about the Law of Attraction and our earth energy and vibrations is that well, we get what we give. The “law” is that we are always giving and getting and the trick is to increase your intention to sort of steer what you are giving to assist in getting what you want.  What if the reason it’s not working is because …. we keep stopping to measure.

The prevailing theory is not just to think nice thoughts, but more along the lines of looking for positive encouraging circumstances and to recognize when you feel positive and encouraged and nurture those feeling and those moments and think less about what you think other people think. The reason you need to think less about other people is because they are bad influences. Yes, I know… I said, BAD. What happens when we think about other people? We think thinks like, “I wonder what so-and-so would say.” or “I hope so-and-so doens’t find out.” why? Because they will have something negative to say. But is that is? Is it just a negative comment, I mean really, do other people really have that much power?

Well, I’m here to tell ya, they do. From the moment our parents first tell us to HUSH or STOP crying, we are being molded to fit the expectations of someone else. We just can’t help it. Our parents want what they want for us, then we want what we want based on what we know to be our possibilities. AND we learn about our possibilities by measuring ourselves and what we have against what we see around us. My car is better, my house is bigger, my shoes are newer, my hair is longer, my body is thinner, my teeth are straighter, my personality is outgoing… All of those statements are comparisons.

THIS is the level of the problem.

According to the New Thought guru’s, the Power of No, the Power of Now, and other spiritual solutions if you think long enough and hard enough you will succeed, your thoughts are powerful and will literally change your world. I have experienced this and it is true. Change how you think about, the things you think about and you will literally change your life, so where’s the money?
The problem is when we perform our required thought maintenance for the prescribed length of time and surface and look around to check on the status of our financial request. We look at our checkbook and see it’s only slightly better, no million dollar deposit and we give up. Returning to measure your progress is your return to the crime. It’s your homecoming to the level of the problem.

Instead of thinking “I sure would like more money” or “I wish I had more money” think about a time when you had a lot of money, maybe you had a great tax return, or someone gave you a cash present. Think about how that felt. Remember what you were thinking about, how you were enjoying the possibilities. Reminisce about the magic of the feeling of having those options and say to yourself, “I really liked having that money” and “I really enjoy having money” and think about that time. Don’t think about it in the sense that you no longer have it, but concentrate on the feeling of having all that money.

Create a new habit of thinking and you will suddenly have a new way of viewing your opportunities and possibilities.

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