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7 Things You Can Do To Make Today Ridiculously Amazing

Seven things you can do to make today ridiculously amazing.

Number One:  Meditate.  It sounds so simple but so

Make Today Ridiculously Amazing
#maketodayridiculouslyamazing, graphic borrowed from tumblr

few people are actually able to sit quietly.  I take the easy way out and I prefer guided meditations.  I also prefer Deepak Chopra.  Here’s my favorite, I open this meditation up on my iPad and sit comfortably and follow the instructions. Each time it gets easier and easier.  (here’s my favorite guided meditation from YouTube http://youtu.be/Ul0jwF7ZJTU)

Number Two: Be Thankful. PRAY.  Whether you are a Catholic, Protestant, Atheist, Buddhist, Muslim, or member of the New Age movement you will agree that thankfulness is the foundation of happiness.  Spend your time thinking about all of the wonderful things, people, circumstances, situations, feelings that you HAVE instead of what you do not have, your heart will be full and thankful.  Thankful for family, green grass, hot coffee, lower gas prices… the list goes on.  Try it. You will see, being thankful is fulfilling and wonderfully uplifting.

Number Three: Take an extra second with every human interaction and ask yourself, “How can I help?”  Everything from hold open a door to letting a car into traffic.  More importantly, SMILE AT EVERYONE, that always helps.  Notice them, take a moment to notice other people.

Number Four: Get exercise.  Do anything, park further away from your office. Take the stairs, go for a walk at lunch, walk the dog, go for a walk with your kids, jog, do sit ups while watching the news… take a few moments for yourself and get some exercise.  Exercise will boost your mood and energy and give you a great feeling of accomplishment.

Number Five: Positive Self Talk. Every moment we judge situations and make choices and decisions. Sometimes we convince ourselves that we can’t achieve things or don’t want things because we are afraid of failure or our inability or a hundred other reasons.  Today, change how you talk to yourself.  Flip any negative talk to positive talk.  Change Can’t to CAN… Won’t to WILL,  For instance, instead of thinking about something that you “can’t” do… think about what you CAN do.  Maybe you aren’t able to run a 5K today, but you can talk a walk.  get it. Find that piece of positive power you have and use it!

Number Six:  Unplug.  That’s right. Turn off the TV, the iPod, iPhone, iPad, Tablet, Computer, MP3 player, whatever device you have plugged into your ears, in your hand, before your eyes. Turn it off.  Engage other human beings and enjoy the moment with real experiences.  Walk to your neighbor, play board games with your kids or friends.  Unplug and Engage… sit at the kitchen table and talk to real people, go to the corner store and chat with your deli man, sit outside and NOTICE the moments

Number Seven: Laugh. Do something that makes you laugh.  Have fun doing something that will make your heart soar and laughter spontaneously come!  Swing on a swing… look through old silly photos… talk to old friends about good times… call up and go out with friends and have a good time… play with your dog in the park… play with your kids outside… LAUGH

Make today Amazing

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