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Change what you think to Change your life…

This is the worst kept secret of Life Coaching, “Change how you think, to change your life”. I say the worst kept secret because it is

you can not fix a problem by continuing to do the same things that created it

THE SECRET, and everyone knows it and so few people implement it.

The reason that statement hasn’t put me out of a job is because many times we need other people… someone on the outside… to help us realize how we limit ourselves… how we place roadblocks and negative attitudes or maybe even how our actions are simply not producing the results that we want.  I’m sure you’ve heard that age-old quote: The definition of insanity, is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

I think what’s important to realize is that we can learn.  Because everyone knows we can learn, analytics is big business.  For those of you that have a wordpress.com blog, you probably recognize the term analytics and understand it is a free tool to measure your blog traffic.    How does this help?  Well… for starters, it tells you which blog posts were the most visited and if your intention is write something that is popular, this would help you to analyze what would be most successful.

Imagine if we had an internal analytics system, you know, a way to perform actions and then measure the success of those actions as they relate to our intended goal.  WAIT!  we do!  It’s called our mind and all we have to do is … think.  🙂

Do you want to give it a try.  Do you want to get started on experiencing your goals and intentionally designing your future?

Let’s get started.

(write down your answers to the following questions)

What goal would you like to work on today?

What specific actions are you willing to take, in order to complete this goal?

Can you think of any roadblocks that could possibly get in the way of your ability to accomplish this goal?

What specific actions can you take to work around each roadblock?

Why is accomplishing this goal important to you (be specific list a few benefits that you will gain)?

Imagine you have already achieved this goal… How will you feel?  What will it look like? What do you hear? smell?…

Set a completion date for each specific action you set in second question.

To easily accomplish this goal, how do you need to be feeling?

What can you do every day to feel this way naturally?

Finish this sentence:  To easily accomplish this goal, the thoughts I need to keep thinking are…

Review your answers every morning, check in on yourself and your forward movement towards your goals.  It’s possible, that the goal you’ve selected may require a series of smaller goals to be accomplished first..  If this is the case, my suggestion is to go through this exercise with each of your goals.

Pay a lot of attention to the last bit about the thoughts that you need to keep thinking… this will help.

And if you want some help, let me know!  I am offering 1 free 30 minute consultation via SKYPE or phone and subsequent sessions are only $43.00 USD per 30 minutes.  Email me at wenda@healthwellnessandsuccess.com  🙂

Make today amazing


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