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Don’t be a judge… just be.

The take away of this post is:  Don’t be a judge… just be.

Don't be a Judge, Just... be

We are our harshest critics

If you don’t read another word I’m about to write, I’ll feel like I’ve done my job if you take a moment to consider that statement.  Think about the possibilities if you didn’t judge; other people, situations, circumstances, your past, your potential and instead just concentrated on this moment… and just spent some time “being”.

Meditation is a great tool for helping you switch modes on the constant calculator in your head (aka your mind) from evaluating all of the data to relaxing and accepting a state of just being.   I think the word meditation has gotten a bad rap and many people associate it with new age hippies… so I’m going to call it, Quiet Concentration. (is that better?)

Thoughts like “what’s next”… and  ”what if”… flip the judgement switch on and carry your thoughts down the well trodden path of judgement.   My point is, we need to relax and refresh and connect with our …. silence.  That moment where we are not stressed, reacting, retracting, or judging our actions or the actions of others.  We need to have moments in our lives of just “being”.  Those moments where we are not accepting external input and our internal conversation is silent.  (so much easier said than done)

I’m really talking about happiness, about allowing ourselves to be happy. Deepak Chopra calls it our inner bliss, and I can only describe it as something like, taking a deep breath and you can’t help smiling even though you’re not sure why you are smiling, you are just so… content and happy.   This is your bliss and only you can decide to accept that state of “being”.

Why not exercise your ability to choose non-judgement by deciding to permit yourself a moment to just be.   The more you do it, the more you are training your mind to take that path… the more often you travel the route, the easier it is to get to the destination.

Relaxing and breathing deeply concentrate on your breathing and as thoughts occur to interrupt… acknowledge them and send them away. Don’t give them the attention that they are requesting.

Right this moment, your brain is used to its normal routine.  You wake up, you make your coffee, maybe while you make your coffee you think about the things you have to do today.  At best, you are happy to be going where you are going and compile your “to do” list; and at worst, you are miserable and you immediately start your list of miserable things that need to be done and why you are forced to do them.

Why not try a little intentional quiet concentration (see what I did there, I didn’t say meditation)   A little non-judging, just breathing and concentrating on your breathe.  and relaxing.  and concentrating on your breathe… and as thoughts occur… acknowledge them and gently imagine you are pushing them away and go back to concentrating on your breath. the breath that you are slowing breathing in… and than out.

If you are really enjoying this, and really relaxed you can add in a visualization, perhaps you can start to think about your dream life.  Don’t worry about how you will get it or when, just dream like a child… as if it already exists.

Maybe you see yourself sitting on a dock overlooking the morning sunrise on a beautiful lake.  Because you have plenty of financial resources you are able to sit as long as you want and sip your piping hot coffee while you wait for the sun to crest the distant mountains. And you sit and watch the beauty in silence and awe and your heart is bursting with joy and abundance as you literally smile at the sunrise and maybe even mutter “thank you”, to no one in particular.


That is a relaxing and positive dream.

Maybe your dream is about a wonderful vacation you would like to plan, maybe your dream is about owning your own business, maybe your dream is about traveling.  Don’t worry about the how… just dream it like it’s now.

I believe that sometimes we are so busy judging the traffic, the media, the politicians, our neighbors, our relatives, ourselves, that we aren’t giving ourselves the opportunity to just be.  To exist and reflect and yes… to dream. 

What is your dream?

How far are you from your dream?

How will you know if you don’t take the time to have the dream?

I realized today while writing that little vignette that I am almost literally living that dream… and I also realized that while my home isn’t on a lake, it’s only 1 block away.  And there is absolutely no reason, I can’t sit on my back deck in the morning while the dog is in the yard and sip my coffee and watch the sun rise… in fact, I’m basically living the dream… if I pay attention.  If I allow myself to pay attention and experience the dream.

Relax and recharge.  Start with 5 minutes each morning and 5 minutes before you sleep at night, and just breath.  Practice these moments of non judgement, release your feelings of “not being good enough” or “not having enough”… basically let go of all judgement and just concentrate on your breath.  When your thoughts have slowed down and stopped bombarding you with judgement, calculations and lists… intentionally start to visualize your dream.

So, I ask again…

What is your dream?  Think about it, and tell me how far are you from your dream?

Make today amazing




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