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Dorothy had it right…. sort of

Here I am, it’s 6:06 am, I’m writing as I look out onto one of the loveliest sights on the planet, a murkie dawn on a Maine Lake, in a modern “camp”.  I have never seen so many shades of green and there are so many windows that when I’m upstairs in the loft area I feel like I’m in a tree house.

Absolutely perfect.

Yesterday I posted a picture from the kitchen table, which is looks out a huge wall of windows onto the whimsical moss covered yard and the docks, boat house and lake.  I posted the picture on Facebook and one of my close friends commented on how relaxed I must be…  I smiled to myself, yes that picture looks very relaxing… and I get more relaxed as I look at it… and the reality is, I’m dog tired.  Swimming with the kids, school shopping, tubing behind the boat, canoeing… it’s all awesome and inspiring and wonderful and in retrospect… when I have moments to reflect… I will be relaxed.

BUT more than that… I realized that too many people don’t make that kind of “space” in their own home.  They don’t intentionally set out to make a spot where they can sit and wait for quiet inspiration.  Too many people have their living room set as the center of their lives and forget that we all need our quiet time.  We all need to sit up straight and think about things that quiet our souls and inspire our hearts.

Maine is our vacation.  I am definitely aware of the beauty and majesty and I make sure to take deep breaths of joy and recognize the moments of peace and happiness and laughter and fun… and I realize that I don’t need Maine to be at peace.  Could you imagine if I waited every year for my 2 weeks in Maine to get anything that required contemplation done?

Could you imagine if I said, “As soon as I get to Maine, I’ll be able to think and finally get that book written” or “When I finally get to the peace and beauty of Maine, I’ll finally be able to put the time aside to get my business plan in order” or “All I need is to be surrounded by all of that lovely scenery to get started in my new business”.

Too many people convince themselves that they aren’t “enough” to get started.  Too many people convince themselves that they aren’t “enough” to be happy.  Too many people convince themselves that they need to “do” or “get” or “be” something other than what they are right this second to get started.

That’s not true.  You are enough.

You can change something right now, right this second, that will change your life.

You can decide that today, that “thing” that you have been putting off because either you didn’t feel like the time was right, the circumstances aren’t perfect, the situation isn’t supporting it, the stars aren’t aligned and the universe isn’t talking to you… You can decide that today you will take one small step towards your dream.

Take a step, then revel in your success. What?  You tried and it didn’t work?  Really?   That’s interesting, because you are reading this post, which means, that you didn’t suddenly implode when you took that one little step.  And, if the end result wasn’t exactly what you had expected… perhaps, you … maybe… possibly… learned something you didn’t know before you took that step?


Picture it like hopping across a brook on the rocks trying to keep dry.  Yeah, sure, some people throw caution to the wind and just simply step into the water, they forge ahead steadily, pushing against the current and heading into deeper water, and sometimes they make it across, sometimes they have to come back because the water gets too deep.  Some people hop from rock to rock.  Testing the rock for wobbliness and slipperiness and pausing after each successful step to celebrate another moment of being dry…  LISTEN…  people that step on the wobbily rocks, either learn how to balance better, or avoid those rocks.  right?  Someone halfway across is halfway closer to the other side… standing on the shore, you can learn from their path, but the path is still your own.  You bring your balance style and energy.  You decide.

My point is, if you are standing on the shore of the brook, saying, “Well, the sun isn’t quite right for me to cross” or “the water temperature has to be exactly 65 degrees for me to want to try” or “When they build a bridge, I will wait for the bridge, they will surely build a bridge in the next ten years or so” You are waiting for something outside of your control to occur and while you are trying to convince yourself that there are powers beyond your control, you are in control and you are stalling.

I’m not talking about planning…  You know, getting out your calendar and setting up actions and deadlines, I am talking about the unending stall of waiting for the perfect…. “something” to occur… Even if today you simply start making a list of the things that you need to do to get where you want to go, that’s movement.  Even if today you simply clean a room, add a plant, create a space that you can feel at peace and contemplate and plan and schedule your steps to your goals.

Don’t think that if you wait until you get to Maine you will finally be at peace.  You need to decide that you want peace and start to take steps to get it.

Have an amazing day!






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