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Easier said than done… unless

We’ve probably all heard and maybe even said the old adage, “That’s easier said than done”.

We usually think that by saying that we are saying,

I will not let anyone work through my mind with their dirty feet
Each moment is an opportunity to create a positive existence

“It’s easier for you to say that then for me to do it” .  To most people however, it means, “Stop telling me what to do” or “Stop making it sound like you are so much smarter than me” or “Stop explaining how to do my job” or “Stop minimizing my importance by making my job sound easy

How we talk to other people is often carried over to how we talk to ourselves.

Realize that the person that is telling you what to do or maybe trying to make your job sound easier than then own is probably struggling with those doubts about their own ability.

AND… if we take a moment to reflect before we provide our rebuttal, we might be able to change our tune, make ourselves feel better and make the other person feel better too.

A simple exercise is to replace any negative words with positive words.  We may have to rework a sentence that we would commonly say… and we may catch ourselves falling back into our knee jerk reaction of meeting negativity with negativity…

I propose, you take back your brain.  As Mahatma Gandhi said, “I will not let anyone work through my mind with their dirty feet”.  You have that same opportunity, every day.  Moment by moment.

You choose what you mull over, consider, include in your internal conversation.  Meet a negative comment with a positive comment every time and let the other person worry about their own mind… you worry about yours.   You control your intentions and don’t worry about anyone else’s intent.

Nasty comment from co-worker, reply with a sincere compliment.

Negative comment from stranger, reply with a sincere well wish.

Frustrated moment with your child during homework, look your child in the eye and tell your  child know how proud you are and how much you love them.

We can change our lives by deciding what we will concentrate on… the more we concentrate and pay attention to the positive aspects of all situations, the more positive will occur!

Enjoy your day! Make it AMAZING.

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