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Getting rid of the “negative vibe”

This week has been a little wonky for me, I started 3 articles and kept them all in my draft folder.   I admit, I was feeling rather… out of sorts.  My normal status is: ridiculously happy.   I am normally easily encouraged and this week….. I felt a little off.  I felt… negative.

I’m going to share with you my secret to getting rid of negative If you are depressed you are living in the past, if you are anxious you are living in the future, if you are at peace you are living in the presentvibes.  I know that sounds very “hippy-ish” and I can’t think of a better way to describe … that persistent negative feeling about everything and everyone, other than calling it… negative vibe.

Simple Steps to Your Success – Getting Rid of the “Negative Vibe”

#1) REALIZATION:  In order to snap out of the funk, there needs to be a moment of realization.  An epiphany as it were, an experience of “Hey, I do not feel like my usual self”.  Many people live life like it “happens to them” rather than like they are in the drivers seat, moving, picking destinations and goals.  Many people will never have that moment of realization where they say to themselves, I’m not feeling like my usual self.

I believe, it’s important to check in on yourself periodically.  No need for a full evaluation every day, just sort of check in… say, “How’s it going?” and LISTEN to your answer. 🙂

#2) IDENTIFY:  There is always a reason, whether it’s a financial burden, hectic schedule, relationship challenge with friends or even family, weather or tragedy… there is always a reason for negative feelings. Look for the cause, not to place blame.. but rather, to understand where there is something that needs to be “let go” or something that needs to be overcome.

The most important aspect of identifying the “cause” is to determine if it’s INTERNAL or EXTERNAL.  In other words,  ask yourself, “Am I being affected by something that is outside myself?  an external circumstance, situation or person, something that I have no control over?”… or …. “Am I reacting to something internal, like a physical cold, a moral issue or self imposed roadblock?”

#3) DECIDE: I love this quote form Lao Tzu: If you are depressed you are living in the past. If you are anxious you are living in the future.  If you are at peace, you are living in the present.   I believe we all have to decide to either CREATE AN ACTION PLAN, then let go and live in the moment or SIMPLY LET IT GO and experience this moment.

If you have determined your cause to be within your power and best interests to work on, form a plan of action steps and move forward. That means, that you have found the root of your negative vibe to be internal and within your control.  Create your plan, then let go of the anxiety and experience the moment knowing you have a plan.

If you have determined that your cause is either something that happened in the past or an external factor like another person’s opinion or comments… let it go.  These three little words are SOOOO powerful in moving forward and feeling happy.  You have control over you… you can not control other people.  Yesterday was yesterday, don’t waste another minute of today, thinking unhappy or negative thoughts about yesterday.

#4) MEDITATE:  This word makes me smile, because my kids always mispronounce it and call it MEDICATE.   They say, “Mom are you doing your medication” 🙂  funny right?  FOR ME, meditation is sort of like a medication, it’s my own personal antibiotic, and I don’t sit cross legged on the floor… I simply sit listening to music or birds and quietly think positive reinforcing thoughts and the best possible results for any situation that challenges me.


I try to use as many of my senses as possible.  I imagine overwhelming joy and abundance, happiness, I smell the fresh cut grass, I hear the birds singing loudly in the trees, I feel relaxed, I feel unhurried, I am relaxed.  No specifics on how I overcame my challenge, just the glorious results and how I am feeling.

Make sure all of your statements are positive and “I am” statements, like I am relaxed, rather than I will be relaxed. It’s about experiencing it NOW.

Someone once told me that meditation was really hard because thoughts kept popping up.  Sometimes that’s true, when I have that struggle, I enjoy finding guided meditations on YouTube.

OH YEAH, I almost forgot… if you are a control freak… you are going to have a hard time doing this type of “end result” meditation….

BECAUSE as a control freak, you are going to tell yourself HOW you want your success, your happiness to occur… right?  OR, you will find NOT knowing the HOW a huge stumbling block.

The key to meditating yourself out of negative vibes is to simply picture the positive results.  Don’t worry or try to come up with the HOW it’s going to work out, just relax… picture the outcome.

Imagine yourself in your perfect place, your ultimate surroundings, with the best possible results… for instance, if your anxiety is financial, don’t worry about the “HOW” you are going to get the money, just imagine yourself, in your home, planning your day, refrigerator full of food, no worries because of the abundance of money… the abundance of time, money, happiness, everything.  You are fantastically happy and fulfilled!

Remember, picture it all.  Imagine how the air smells, pay attention to the sounds and how you feel… Use all of your senses when you imagine your abundance.

AND THAT… is how you get rid of negative vibes.


Make today amazing!




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