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Here’s what I like about Deepak Chopra

Here’s what I like about Deepak Chopra… he answers the questions I have, before I can put them into words.

When I read his books, I am filled with Ah HA

It's hard to heard your intuition if you're talking! :)
It’s hard to hear your intuition if you are talking! 🙂

moments as I recognize the feelings, behaviors or moments he describes and understand the truth behind his description of their circumstances and my choices and the outcomes.

My favorite realization and probably most compelling occurred after reading this: (from Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, by Deepak Chopra)

Object Referral and Self-Referral

Whenever you feel powerless or fearful, it’s because you are in a state of object-referral. You define yourself through objects, which include people, situations, titles, possessions, accomplishments. By their very nature, objects change, so as long as your identity is tied to objects or the opinion of others, your life will feel unstable. In object-referral, you feel good when your investments are appreciating, business is strong, or your romantic partner is happy with you. But when the market plummets, sales are down, and your relationship is challenged, you feel insecure and worried.

Self-referral, in contrast, is identifying with your inner self – the unchanging essence of your soul. In this state you have an internal sense of joy regardless of what is happening around you because you aren’t identified with transient objects or events. In self-referral, you experience your true being, which doesn’t fear any challenge, has respect for all people, and feels beneath no one. Fear drops away and there is no compulsion to control and no struggle for approval or external power. As you experience self-referral, you pierce the mask of illusion that creates separation and fragmentation and know that you are an inextricable part of the field of infinite intelligence.

Because that quote resonates with me… so deeply, I just want to pause while I let that sink in…  actually… I want to paste it again and again so the world can read it and understand… the amount of power they release when they place a value on objects rather than self.

In lieu of repeating the same quote, I would hope that you would re-read it.

I’m actually writing this post for a friend.  It’s someone I knew a long time ago and reconnected with through Facebook, and while I don’t know the ins and outs of his daily life, I have read many of his mindful comments and feel like he could use some positive reinforcement.

Often really wonderful people don’t realize that as wonderful as they are to other people, they are very hard and often brutal to themselves.

I believe that inner peace… the kind of peace you get through meditation or prayer is so helpful.  Not 20 minutes of asking God why, but more of 20 minutes of thanking God for all of the wonderful things in your life.  From the hot cup of coffee, to the car that starts every morning.  The awareness of things to be thankful for, is the first step to experiencing thankfulness.  That’s a great place to start the day, because it’s a place of joy and happiness and man oh man, wouldn’t we all like to start our days with joy and happiness.

I’m very fortunate.  Aside from ALL OF THE WONDERFUL things in my life, I have this great blog! Every morning (or almost every morning) I search for inspirational quotes or find a need to fill and I get to write and write and encourage and hopefully help one person (starting with myself) begin a day that is rich in thankfulness and joy!

That my friends is true abundance…

Make Today Amazing!





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