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…is the weather really designed to malign?

Do you take heavy traffic personally? You know, as if all of the other complaining as a strategy doens't workcars on the road are there specifically to make you late for where-ever you are going?

Do you believe that poor weather is a personal affront and should be dealt with through frustration and verbal abuse?

Are you a … COMPLAINER?

Be honest with yourself, do you honestly, truly believe that constantly complaining about this and that is going to change this… or that?

Complaining constantly is more of a habit, then an actual thought process. It’s possible that a long long long time ago when we were very tiny, we could complain and the powers that be would actually change something to make our lives better. (perhaps a cry for a wet diaper, or a cry for a hungry tummy)

As adults, we are the kings and queens of our domain. If we don’t do it… it won’t get done. So, than, how does complaining help? Well, it doesn’t.

I suggest you take these simple steps to loosen the load of your complaining and increase your productivity and your happiness.

Instead of complaining… start reporting.

The complaint: The traffic was terrible, no one would let me into the flow and I had to drive on the shoulder and it was very frustrating, people were trying to let me in, then other people were cutting me off, I hate my drive to work. It sucks.

The Report: Traffic was terrible today.

The Complaint: I can’t stand this weather. It makes my hair all frizzy and I can’t do anything with it. It’s dark, damp and muggy and just terrible. I am so tired of the rain.

The Report: It’s raining.

The Complaint: So, I was standing in line, waiting for like 3 minutes and it was just about to be my turn and this guy just cuts right in front. Who does he think he is, like he didn’t have to get in line like the rest of us. So rude, I couldn’t believe it and when I said something he just looked at me and continued to pay for this stuff. And I told the cashier and she didn’t care. How rude.

The report: (nothing to report)

You see the trick is… to understand that there is very little that occurs that is actually a personal affront. Most of what we take personally is just someone else living their life. When someone else’s life intermingles with ours, we each believe that the other is aware.. but in fact, many times… the other person give us no more thought than you might give a random person walking by your car in a parking lot.

My point is. Understand what you have control over and what you don’t.

You can not control the weather

You can not control traffic

You can not control other people

You can control how you react. Think about it… understand that you are giving your power away needlessly by having negative and complaining kinds of thoughts about things you can’t control and … let it go.

Instead, notice what you can control. If you find that you are feeling negative and want to complain, recognize it… then think of something that brings you joy.

Pretty soon, you will have broken free of the constantly traveled path to complaining and forging ahead on your new path of happiness.

Make Today Amazing.