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Is your awareness blocking your success?

This week has been a crazy week, between my coaching appointments, working on my coaching academy launch and my wonderful children.  I’ve been feeling like I am constantly catching up to appointments, events and “things” and never really getting ahead or on top of any of my situations.  Do you know that feeling?  Like, every time you turn around someone is reminding you of a commitment you made, or an event that you wanted to attend?  Your kids tell you the day before: It’s book fair tomorrow, it’s picture day tomorrow, When you go from what you don't want to what you do want the words change. And when the words change your message changesit’s the field trip tomorrow.

I will tell you this.  That feeling of constantly missing the boat or being behind the eight ball is 100% MY PERSONAL PERCEPTION.   (and yours if you’re feeling it too)

Every situation or circumstance looks different to every person.

Someone who has been longing for children would view my little whine fest of the constant school fundraisers and sporting practices as heaven while I trudge through sometimes (I admit) martyring my forced mindful happiness at experiencing these moments with my kids.

AND, it’s at the moment that I imagine the childless couple that I also become aware of the great blessing of the yearly nuts and candy sale and Girl Scout meetings and soccer practices.

One person sees a disaster ……. and another see’s opportunity.

Where one person see’s loss………… another may see a burden lifted.

Perception is a very individualized thing and too often we don’t realize that every person see’s all situations and circumstances from a different angle.  Your awareness of your situation is buried in your belief that everyone sees the same thing.  Most people honestly don’t give it a second thought.

Even if I was standing next to you, I wouldn’t see the same situation the same way.  We may watch a moving commercial and both feel moved, but for different reasons, perhaps you were particularly moved by the mother/son relationship depicted and I was moved by the happy puppy.

What if we tried to broaden our awareness of what’s happening, really try to take a look from the outside in, to either change how the struggle is affecting our lives or even change it from a struggle to opportunity.

“Perception isn’t fixed, it’s highly personal.  So the key question with you approach the level of awareness isn’t “How do things look?” but, “How do things look to me?”  Questioning your perception gives you distance from a problem and with distance comes objectivity.” ~ Deepak Chopra

I guess what I’m trying to say is…. IF… the way to change your life is to Change HOW you think about WHAT you think about…  The first questions you need to ask yourself is:   Are you objective about your personal struggles?

Can you look at your “troubles” from a different perspective and see something OTHER than troubles?

Too often we are so focused on ourselves that we don’t realized that even in the grander scheme of our personal place on the planet, the troubles we are complaining about and paying attention to, right this moment… are like a single tree in the forest.

And we are so focused on that tree, that we don’t see the rest of the trees.  We don’t see that there are literally thousands of trees, some are trouble, and some are opportunities and we won’t see any of them, as long as we are focusing on that one tree… as long as we are so up close, nose to bark with that tree.

Step back.  One step. Maybe even two or three steps.  Look at the horizon now.  Only 3 steps back and you won’t see the whole forest, but you will at least see more trees. Maybe, one of them is the opportunity that you seek!

Make today amazing!


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