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Lessons in Thankfulness

You know, this week has been particularly emotional between the overload of normal life, the abnormal or unexpected… or sometimes expected by overlooked … life occurs.  It is so much easier to lament a loss

Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened
love Dr. Seuss

then it is to spend time concentrating on the thankfulness in “having”.

There is nothing trite in deciding that you will celebrate or live thankfully.

Sometimes thankfulness is really really hard… like, when your daughter is rolling her eyes because you are telling her that she can’t go to her friends until her room is clean….


when the dog comes in and jumps up on the couch with muddy paws


when your clunker car guzzles up 20 dollars of gas and barely hits the 1/4 tank mark.


when you have to drink tea in the morning, instead of your beloved coffee because you ran out and forgot to buy more


when you notice there are critters living in your shed


when you find your cell phone, in the jacket pocket that you just put through the wash

My point?  Yeah… there are two ways you can look at every one of those situations… You can understand that they are just single moments that make up a wonderful, exciting, adventure and you can decide to be thankful that they happen.

Grab your eye rolling daughter and chase her around the house until she give you a big bear hug

Spend some quality time with your dog and give her a nice sweet-smelling wash!

Look at the gas in your tank, and realize it’s all you need right now, and there will be more.

Enjoy the tea… and plan to buy coffee on your way to work..

I guess what I’m saying, is be thankful for everything… from the slippers on your feet to the flowers pushing up through spring soil.

Make today amazing.



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