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Why We Love Meditation (And You Should, Too!)

Recently in a mad fit of anxious New Year resolution making, I realized that stating what I wanted to change simply wasn’t going to cut it.  My usual go to, Visualization, while helpful, when it comes to food doesn’t seem to be any match for my habit of grazing.  I realized that I needed some help so I went to my good friend Dr. Deepak Chopra.

Just so you know, he doesn’t know he’s my friend.  BUT I will tell you, thanks to www.audible.com, he has been talking to me in my car and through my phone while I shop. I literally feel like he is my personal coach.  AND now he’s written the book that I need, What Are You Hungry For?: The Chopra Solution to Permanent Weight Loss, Well-Being, and Lightness of Soul and it’s amazing how having someone speaking to you, seeming to understand where you are… is so helpful!balance feels good

The short story is, that the experience of hunger can be triggered by more things then the actual feeling of hunger.  In my case, my habit of snacking while cooking, creates this emotional and physical response when I set out to cook.  Like Pavlov’s dog, as soon as I turn on the stove, my mind starts to wander to the cabinet with the granola bars, or a handful of …. something, anything, suddenly I am experiencing hunger that wasn’t there PRIOR to walking into the kitchen.

Ahhhhh mindfulness. Mindful non-judgment, a lovely phrase, easy to assign to morning traffic, household clutter, and a rainy day, not so easy to assign to the imagine of yourself in a bikini or (in my case) any bathing suit other than a 1920’s full body cover-up.

Like everything about this journey to tomorrow, it’s our attention and intention that counts.

So, rather than freak out about hardly being able to squeeze into my “fat” jeans, I’m going to take some time to recognize when I eat.  I’m going to look at every morsel of anything that I put in my mouth and think, “Am I making the right decision”.  You see it’s all about choices.  There isn’t anyone on the planet that is forcing me buy the food I buy and eat it the way I do.

I’m very lucky to be within a 5 mile radius of 3 great grocery stores and 15 mile radius of several whole food stores.  My choices are limited by…me.

I can say, that the organic and wholesome food is more expensive, but it’s not always true.  My local farmers market has fresh produce for a fraction of the price of the grocery stores, and there’s always Trader Joe’s.  I’m not very crunchy because I’m more of a tech geek, but I am always amazed at the products I buy there and how similar in price they are to the “normal” grocery store.

Anyway, back to the title of this blog… Why we love meditation.

We love meditation because it gives us time to listen to the messages that our body is sending us.  My kids and I have been making it a sort of silly game, taking a bite of food, and then telling each other how that bite made our body feel.  You see, meditation doesn’t need to be 20 minutes cross-legged on the floor emptying your mind and concentrating on your breath… all the time.  Sometimes it’s just moments.  Moments of reflection and listening to your body.

In these moments, we make choices.  We can change our lives, by changing how we think about what we think about.

Now go out there and make today AMAZING!

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