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New thoughts for a new day

I read a fantastic quote today from Eleanor Roosevelt, “With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts”.  I really feel like this is the foundation of change.

Think about it.

If you wake up every day, dreading work, hating the drive, wanting something, wishing for something and frustrated and angry… what kind of day do you think you are going to have?

What if…

What if… instead of dreading work, you concentrate on the one thing that makes work bearable?  Perhaps, a person or a lunch spot or the paycheck at the end of the week?

Now, I’m not suggesting that this little change will be

With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.
With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.

enough to make the drive to work better, or the frustration in other areas.. but I am suggesting that this one simple step will start a new path in your thoughts.

That well worn dread, frustration, anger, blame, fear… path will have that much less traffic at that moment.

That’s one simple step.  I’m suggesting, that you think with your mind instead of letting your big brain take over.

Here is my specific suggestion.  You wake up.  You make your first thought positive… as best as you can.

At the very least, if you can’t seem to convert your initial thoughts form negative to positive… realize that you are thinking negatively and make an effort to turn it around.

The simplest thing to do is try to use positive words only.  Remove these words from your thoughts




There are several others, but these will be hard enough.

Do this every morning.  Every morning, wake up and go about your morning ritual … concentrating on having positive thoughts.   When you recognize a negative thought slipping in… either flip the thought to a positive or let it go and think of something else that is a positive.

I could go on about this for hours… there are so many tools and fantastic ways to monitor your self speak… for now… for this post… just try it once a day.

Try forging that positive path in your thoughts… you will see after 7 days how much easier that path is to travel.

Make Today Amazing!




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