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Normal doesn’t mean true

I simply adore Deepak Chopra and am currently listening to his new book through audible called,  Spiritual Solutions.  As usual his prose and narration is both thought provoking and soothing at the same time.  When“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.” Albert Einstein I made the decision to schedule 30 minutes of enrichment each day, I never imagined that it would be so …. expanding.  I guess that’s the word I want… EXPANDING.  Imagine each day, learning something new.  I’m not saying that I always agree with everything, but I do find it a great exercise to actually be forced to THINK every morning about something that has nothing to do with kids, dogs, household chores or business.

It’s like my own personal spa time for my mind! :)

Back to the book.

I’m on chapter two, and there are already two things that have got me thinking for days….

The first is the definition of spiritual. Most people think of spiritual as something religious.  What if, we switched out the word spiritual with the word awareness.  Isn’t spiritual, in fact an awareness?  Isn’t is really something very difficult to explain,  like awareness which is something like a combination of feelings and thoughts and the hair raising at the back of your neck, or that knowing to go back and check something in the house…. that moment, or for a few moments you understand that there is something more then just you. Something more than just your situation, circumstance, your little tiny circle of life.


I guess it all boils down to intention, what is the intention of the person using the words.  I am here to tell you… you will never know, unless you can read someone’s mind, you will never truly know someone else’s intention. So, we bring with us to every conversation our own dictionary, and list of expectations and intentions.  What if we choose to evaluate our dictionary.  What if we choose to expand on our dictionary, you know have our primary definition, then add a couple sub-definitions.  Why do dictionaries have more than one definition?  Because there are people that use the same words in different ways.

I think we can learn a lot from Webster.

Second, Normal doesn’t mean true or right.  This has been a recurring mantra in my brain since I heard it. Like it’s trying to tell me more than I know, and I just can’t comprehend the depth of the statement.  BUT, in fact, this statement is so strong because it is asking me to simply question what I “normally” think and do.  

Ask yourself, why you do what you do.  If the answer is because “That’s what I normally do?” then ask yourself why?

Ask yourself, why you are worried about what you are worried about.

Ask yourself, what kind of energy are you surrounding yourself with by doing and thinking what you normally do?

For instance, Our society is all about blame.  Politicians spend millions of dollars pointing their fingers and proselytizing about how the other guy did things wrong.  How someone else did something wrong and how they are not going to do those wrong things.  What if, we simply explained the problem, and provided the solution.   BECAUSE that’s not what we normally do.  First, we want to blame.

It’s normal to blame someone else for something that you haven’t done… however, I am here to suggest that, that response may not be the truest spiritual response… (OK, I know this is getting a little … hmmm… new agey transformationally gooey… so let me bring it back to awareness.)  Be aware.  Demand that your politicians stop wasting money pointing their fingers and start offering solutions.  Be aware.  If things aren’t going well at work, don’t point the finger at the other guy, evaluate the issue, come up with a solution and solve the problem.

In your business, don’t blame the economy, don’t blame your workers, don’t blame your customers, evaluate the situation, become aware and allow yourself to look for solutions.

Listen, are you where you thought you’d be 5 years ago?  If you answered no, are you blaming someone, or a situation, or a circumstance, maybe even yourself?  Doesn’t that suck?  Isn’t that a crappy feeling? The good news is, you have now. You have this moment to start something.  You have this moment to put a plan together and take action.

How do I know if “normal” isn’t working?

Ask yourself, “What would I normally do?” and then ask yourself, “Is that working?”

If you’re looking for a job, and you normally go through Monster.com or Careerbuilder.com and spend the morning reviewing jobs, then “applying” online, ask yourself, is that working?  I know many people that would reply, “well, I haven’t found a job, but atleast I’m looking”.  That’s answering my question, my question is “Is what you normally do working?”

Job hunting is a particularly touchy subject, mostly because we are surrounded by friends and family members who will reinforce how “hard it is to find a job in today’s economy”.  Guess what!?!  That’s a blame game.  That’s a finger point.  Normal doesn’t mean true or right, it just means that’s what everyone is doing. That is blaming the economy, which is a circumstance or situation, not you. You have the ability to evaluate your actions and determine which ones were working and which ones did not.

You can be different

You can change your awareness and your acceptance of what you will allow to be normal in your life. You can do it today. You can take a moment right now, take out a pen and paper, and make a list of things you will do differently to change your “normal”.

I’m going to start jogging.

What are you going to do?

Make today amazing.



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