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… on comfort

Would you walk across a fast moving stream, hopping from stone to stone… just to get to the other side?   Maybe not.

A dream is your  creative vision  for your life in  the future. You  must break out  of your current  comfort zone  and become  comfortable  with the unfamiliar  and the unknown. Denis Waitley

A dream is your creative vision

Would you do it to save a life?  Probably.

Our comfort level is usually not something that we think about as a changing thing.  For instance, I am VERY uncomfortable around spiders.  There are very few instances where I will voluntarily reach out to touch a spider…  but I have.  I have swatted spiders off other humans.  It’s my reaction.  My … reflex…  my comfort level around spiders is completely buried and replaced with a different more compelling and urgent need.

Afterwards, I’ll do the “yucky spider creepy crawly” dance.  (eerily similar to my “I’m at a wedding and the DJ is playing great music” dance). But for that moment… that split second… there is a greater more urgent and compelling motivation than… my comfort around spiders.

The moment you think about the way that you limit yourself, is the moment that you step forward, whether slightly or boldly, out of your comfort zone.

Consider this.  You have the ability to be whatever you want to be.  You have the choice to continue to do what you’re doing, and get the same results, or you can change something. One thing. Anything, and get different results. You have that ability.

Many people may change one thing and find that they don’t care for the new results, and that’s awesome.

Why awesome?  Because they’ve learned at least two things; first, they’ve learned that whatever it is they are doing will not provide the results they want and second, they’ve learned that they can choose.. they have choices… they can make another change and get still different results.

Humans are not trees.

We don’t thrive in certain environments and conditions…  we decide where and how we will thrive.

The question I would ask you is…. are you thriving, or just surviving?

Thriving is risky.  It’s scary.  It means thinking about what you want. I mean, what you really want… not the money.  It’s can’t be about the money. Money is the vehicle, money is what provides you with the ability to be and do what you are naturally inspired to do.  Thriving means, thinking like a child about castles, being an astronaut, unicorns, happiness without bounds, flowers, bunnies…  It means, having a clear vision of what you want you life to look like…without limitations and fear.

The first step, the VERY FIRST STEP in designing your life is… visualization.  Creating goals and actions steps come after you have the clear picture of your success.

Allow yourself to daydream by completing the following sentence:

Because I am financially affluent and have all things in abundance, I will spend today …

Look at that sentence again, read it out loud.  At this point, there is absolutely NO CONCERN about the “how” of anything.  This is all about finding your vision, opening your mind to possibilities… Take a moment to have a childlike daydream…

Think things like, “Each morning I wake up and pack lunches, and because my bank account is filled with money, my refrigerator is packed with food , I am easily able to pack the kids their favorite lunches.   I see my husband on the deck overlooking the meadow and forest reading the paper and I smile.  Today we decided that we would go for a nice country bike ride while the kids are at school.  We are both relaxed and happy….”

Yes, I know it seems like a fairly tale but I have to tell you this… This dream, these moments of joy and abundance DO NOT OCCUR on their own… they must be created.  AND if you never visualize them, then they will never occur.  I’m not saying because you spent the time visualizing you will suddenly wake up one morning in a big house with property and a bank account filled to the brim with cash… I am however, suggesting that visualizing your dream, consciously making choices to design your life and paying attention… is the path to your dream.

You may suddenly realize that you aren’t that far from that dream. That you already sit on the deck drinking coffee together, that being stress free is a choice that you are making… that the conversations you have together can be changed from discussing hardship and lack to talking about abundance and happiness.

You can’t see if your eyes are closed. 

If you concentration is on how hard life is… than life will be hard. 

If your concentration is on how joyful and abundant life is…  well, you get the picture.

The point I’m trying to make is about your comfort.  Recognize that you are in control of you.  You decide what it will take to cross the stream.  And I will tell you, that you may get your shoes wet…. heck, you may get completely wet.  It’s up to you whether you turn around and go back, or continue forward …  I will say this, it doesn’t matter which side of the stream your on… eventually you will dry off.  You choose.


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