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Perfection – The Stall Factor

One of the best ways to build a reputation as an expert or to build an email list for your company or product is to “launch”… something.  🙂  ANYTHING.   The two main reasons reasons to put something together toall things start with the first step -Wenda O'Neill offer potential clients or readers are:

1. It starts an external conversation between you and your potential clients about your product or services

2. It starts an internal conversation with yourself about what you have to offer and how you can serve your clients

Blogs are fantastic, because they create a rich database of content that you create and can share, in fact, written and categorized properly there are several tools that allow you to convert all or portions of your blog into ebooks.  (I say written and categorized properly because reading a blog online and reading the same format in a book, aren’t the same experience. There may be some slight modifications to your technique required to engage your reader on their kindle or on paper that aren’t required in an online blog)

-side note: The best tool I’ve found is NOT available on the WordPress free blogs.  It’s only available as a plugin on the hosted accounts and it allows you to export your blog as a text file, in whatever order you place the posts as well as pdf.  IT ROCKS! message me for more details

Back to the Stall Factor.

Here’s why you should start today.

It’s all about learning.  Chances are the first time you put an opt-in pop-up on your webpage you aren’t going to experience a barrage of potential clients suddenly and miraculously finding your site and wanting more information.  Just do it.  Get it up there.  If you don’t like how it looks, how it works, then take it down and tweak it and reload. BUT do it. Do something.

What better way to get your creative juices flowing then having the excitement of DOING!

What better way to start an actual conversation with people, friends, neighbors then to excitedly let them know that you’ve posted your first “offer” online and you’d like them to check it out and let you know what they think.

Hey, did you know that ANYONE can basically offer a groupon?  I didn’t.  I contacted Groupon and setup the whole thing, it’s awesome.  I later came to find out that they aren’t allowing offers on Groupons for Life Coaching or Professional Coaching, but it got me to thinking.  It got me to looking around and seeing what they do offer.  It made me realize that this is a great tool to see what is working for other people.  Based on the kinds of packages that they ARE offering, I can determine if there is something I can offer effectively using that venue. WOW what a great experience!

You need to get excited!

You need to sit down and decide… WHO is your ideal client and WHERE are you most likely to speak to them!

And Guess what…

Did you know that more people will buy what you’re selling if you offer them something that will give them a return of 3 times the cost of your offer.  So, if you are offering to clean someone’s house, then your price needs to be 3 times lower then the point at which that person would consider cleaning their house themselves.   If you are selling information about how to engage and reach potential clients, then your target market needs to understand that the cost or your product or service is roughly 3 times lower than their potential increase in sales.  For example: if you are selling your package for $99.00…  I would buy it, if I would expect to see an increase or worth of $300.00 or more. Make sense, right?

How are you going to get those numbers if you don’t start today?

There is no other magic formula other than, start now.  Start this second engaging your mind and heart and starting those conversations with your potential clients.  Determine their urgent and immediate needs… and fill it!

This message has been brought to you by the President of the Procastinators Club of NJ.  🙂  

I know this post seems all over the place and I really believe that there is something, one little thing somewhere buried in here for everyone and I just want to encourage you to… take that first step today.

Even if that first step is just simply writing down your ideas on a piece of paper.



That statement makes me laugh, but it’s true.  I’m trying to get everyone off of auto-pilot and recognize there are opportunities EVERYWHERE, we need to look for them so we can recognize them.  AND, they may not even be opportunities for you!  Think about it.  Now, you’ve read this babbling brook of nearly unfettered brain storming and you may know someone that could really use this type of encouragement… you direct them to my facebook page (which is www.facebook.com/health.wellness.success)  and you are helping that person, and you may be helping me, and in turn (as karma would have it) you will experience your own rewards and success as a result.

Nice right?

OK. I’m really really late, and once again, I apologize for the off topic barrage of words and I’ll simply say… the typos are my personal gift to you!

Have an amazing day!


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