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Pretty Boxes

My box is covered with flowers and multi-faceted gems that I hot glued on, I’ve put in favorite stones with soil and fairy furniture. It’s relaxing and beautiful and whimsical. Sitting in the fairy chair I look around and decide that I’ll paint the sides of the box.  That’s when I realize I’m “in the box”.  I start to think….scratch that, I start to wonder about what’s outside the box.

As I paint my lovely calm sky on over the dull brown I am wondering if my billowy and wispy clouds look realistic.  I look up and twist my head to the right and left to work out the stiffness. I think… scratch that, I start to wonder when was the last time I looked up.

It seems like the walls have gotten taller, or (and I squint to see) is that… a lid?  Is the box closing?

Have you ever had one of those day?

I’m a pretty positive person and it takes a lot to get negative and morose, and while you may find that little preamble story fairly calm and enjoyable, for me… it’s horrifying.

Every day millions of people wake up in the morning and realize that they are not where they want to be.  However our knee jerk reaction is to do two things,

Number one: Blame someone or something for putting us here.   (If only I hadn’t lost my job.  If only my parents hadn’t gotten divorced.  If only my husband hadn’t left.  If only I could stop drinking)

Number two: Settle.

This morning, more than any other morning, I have an overwhelming urge to yell…. “Just because it’s accepted doesn’t make it right!”

Just because everyone else hates their job, doesn’t mean that you have to have a job that you hate.  Maybe you do for this moment, YES!  Maybe you need to go to work each day to a job that you hate so that you can pay your mortgage, feed your kids, pay the landscaper and meet all of your other financial obligations… What If….  What if you took a few moments every day thinking about what you really want?

What if…  after everyone else is in bed, you spend a few moments …. writing that book you always wanted to write.

What if…. before anyone else wakes up, you draw the schematics for that great idea that you have.

What if… during lunch you go for a walk and listen to music.

or wait…

What if… you think about it… and realize that you kind of like your job!  WOW!  Imagine being the only person in the group that isn’t complaining about their job!

The boxes we live in are kind of like those temporary cookies on your computer.  Initially they’re installed to serve a purpose and it’s to create faster web page loading speeds.  You know, your brain is like that.  It records, analyses and maintains cookies so that it doesn’t have to experience EVERYTHING … every time.  It makes assumptions about outcomes based on the past, based on what it’s read, based on what it’s observed through any of your senses.

Just like cookies, if they don’t get cleaned out, (sometimes completely cleared)… they start to really slow down your computer.  Actually, in keeping with the computer analogy, if you don’t clean up your mind periodically, you know start fresh, you run the risk of allowing malware the opportunity to affect how your mind operates.

So, the box.

Originally it was just a boundary, put in place for your safety.  Your brain basically gave you a sandbox. It said, “it’s safe here and look! You can see everything. “You can even touch some things outside the box, and you can go outside the box…. if you really want to.  Just know, that the sandbox is safe.”

Somewhere along the line, the sandbox turned into a full-on UPS SHIPPING box, and this morning I felt like the packing tape was only a few weeks away….

Today I read…..  “Instead of thinking outside the box, get rid of the box” – Deepak Chopra.

I am going to make today AMAZING!  What about you?

Instead of thinking outside the box, get rid of the box - Deepak Chopra

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