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Remembering WHY…. in the first place

Sometimes the struggle to reach whatever goal we are shooting for becomes less important to us then the immediate satisfaction of…. eating the item that is clearly NOT on your list of approved foods… sitting in front of the TV instead of making phone calls… surfing Facebook and re-posting pithy graphics instead of folding laundry….

It’s at these times, that we need to have a place where

Whenever you feel like giving up, remember why you set this goal in the first place
#setgoals, #justdoit

we can go and remind ourselves WHY we set that goal in the first place.

Are you eating right because … you want to be around a long long time for your kids or grandkids or better yet because you like the way you feel when you are healthier?  Then I believe you need to have a list.  An impact list.  A list of three very powerful, high impact things that hit you right in your soul and speak to you about the WHY… you are eating right.   Take out the list… or the picture… or the poem… and review it.  Don’t kick yourself around for falling off the wagon, just  make a decision to get back on… right now.  Not tomorrow, not when “it’s a better time”… now.

Are you putting off your phone calls because they’re sales calls and you think people will say “No.”   AND you knew that right… You knew that not everyone was going to want to be part of your new business… so, you need to pull out your high impact list.  You need to pull out your three top most moving reasons for even starting your new business.  OF COURSE, you did NOT start a business because you wanted to make phone calls to friends and family, and their friends and family, to see if they’ll have a home party… you started the business because… WHAT’S YOUR REASON?   Will you spend 30 minutes calling 5 people to make that dream come true?   Get off the couch, call 5 people.  RIGHT NOW.  Not, tomorrow, or after 5:00pm or on Tuesday… RIGHT NOW.

Housework… this is my albatross… this is the weight that hangs heavy on my shoulders, and it wasn’t until the last few years that I realized… there is absolutely nothing wrong with me, because I couldn’t find any real motivating emotional high impact reason to do it.  Except… EXCEPT… when my parents are coming. (that’s my ah ha moment) When I need motivation to fill the dishwasher, wash and put the laundry away… I can tap into the emotion of… “MY PARENTS ARE COMING OVER, I’D BETTER CLEAN UP”  and I’m good.

Anthony Robbins has a great theory about substituting our negative feelings and beliefs that we associate with the things that we need to do to be successful and replacing them with positive feelings.  He said that once we change our perception of these things we will be able to achieve our goals… and we can change our motivation and opinion of our goals.

An example of changing how you think in the blink of an eye…  If someone came up to you and pointed a gun at you and said, “now call 5 people to make an appointment for a home party”  You would find it very easy to make those phone calls.  Look at that…. you’re opinion, feeling, motivation everything you thought about making those phone calls changed in 1 second.  From dread to better do it now!

That’ s the power of our mind.

A great way to remain highly motivated is to have a very motivating REASON for WHY you are trying to reach the goal in the first place.


Make today AMAZING!

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