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several words that dissolve when repeated



Farm is a word, that when I say it over and over again, when I really think about the sounds I’m making to form the word and when I elongate it, say it with a staccato, you know, play around with it, it eventually dissolves.  I eventually start to wonder, is it really a word.



Two more that run away when I put all my attention on them.

Our brains are amazing, all day long they work out things so we don’t have to.  When I pay close attention to specific words, my brain FREAKS OUT!  I picture it like a race car speeding through the back country roads than slamming on the breaks and skidding into a spin to finally stop. The driver (me) skillfully pulling myself out the driver side window to sit on the door and look around. (’cause I’m cool like that)

I look around.  For the most part, my speeding brain got everything right.  The green blurs were trees and grass, the large distant blurs were houses and barns and the smaller blurs in the fields were horses and cows…


It’s not that I really got anything wrong, but I missed a lot.

I missed all of the pretty flowers, very small and beautiful because they got mashed into the green of the fields as I sped by.  I missed the bunny on the side of the road as it hopped behind the hedgerow because it is the same color as the shadows and leaves; and I missed how the sun cast the most beautiful shadows through the leaves of the trees.  I missed the individual songs of the birds, and insects.


Our brains are really magnificent computers that are constantly accepting and analyzing information. In fact, our brains evaluate information that’s relevant and discard things that are not deemed important.   One of the reason we practice mindfulness and non-judgement is to allow our brains to reset.  The data that it has accumulated and processes that it has set up may have been great for yesterday, but today is a new day.

Yes, I believe that you will still need to stop at the stop signs and cross the street when directed, however perhaps it would be beneficial to pause and admire a pretty flower, or take the 1.3 seconds to look someone in the eye and say loudly and cheerfully “Thank you” when they hold open the door.

You decide.

I will say this.

If you want something different, you need to do something different.

HEY, you wouldn’t go into the local Quick Check and pour yourself your usual cup of coffee and expect it to be a different flavor right?  However, if you pour a different flavor, you will get a different flavor.

Your life is like that.  Don’t keep doing the same thing and expect something to change.  You make a change. Change one thing.  It doesn’t even have to be something like wearing something different, or doing something different, you can just simply decide to recognize something new today.

Take a moment to think about the positive effects of the words that dissolve.  I read a great quote today by Mason Cooley, “If we think about the obvious long enough, it dissolves” and it seems to me that our obvious is really just our brain judging the situation so that we can speed by… comfortably.





I know, now I’m just being silly.

Have an amazing day.






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