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Single Mom’s Bill of Rights

This is an excerpt from my new book, “Waking Up Divorced – Single Mom’s Guide to an Amazing Life”.  Already available for kindle through Amazon and coming out in book stores Spring 2015!  I’m really excited and I hope you’ll share this link with everyone on the planet! 🙂 (thanks)

Divorced & Single Bill of Rights

  1.  You have the right to be happy! I’m not just talking about happy romantically, which if you are divorced, it’s clear that you tried that route, so I know that you’re interested in romance; so yes, of course, you have the right to be happy sharing your life with another person. I am also talking about that deeper more personal happiness that comes from deep within our souls. That feeling when you wake each morning smiling and content. When you are so whole, complete and happy that you spend more time thinking about what you have and less time thinking about what you don’t.
  2. You have the right to say “No” to things that will hurt you. Whether it’s an obvious danger like fire, violence or addiction or not a not so obvious risk like people or situations that drain you. You have the right to say “No” to circumstances that make you feel less than the wonderful, amazing person that you are! Don’t tellwaking up divorced single mom's guide to an amazing life yourself that this is the best that it can get, because that simply isn’t true. You are creative, thoughtful, hardworking and passionate. If you aren’t displaying those characteristics, then it’s time to start looking for ways to do so.
  3. You have the right to create and live your story. You have the right to decide what you will tell yourself about your abilities and what you will believe about them. These moments of introspect, these stories that you tell yourself; they explain everything to you so you can function daily, understanding the cause and effect of everything that goes around… You have the right to imagine a different story. One filled with success, happiness, charity, love, abundance and gratitude.
  4. You have the right to enjoy the adventure. Your attention to the drudgery of parenthood, of supporting a household, of working long hours to put food on the table, coming home to help with homework, and then cleaning, cooking, then sleeping then waking up to do it again, is a myth. These moments are your adventure. Each day is not the same, and it is your right to seek out and understand how each day is different. Revel in the changes each day offers and accept the ability that allows you to change those people around you, always for the better.
  5. You have the right to true love. You have the right to find it in surprising ways and places. You have the right to fall in love with yourself, to create a person whose self-worth isn’t tied up in a relationship, but a person who is so aware of self-worth that you are the confident leader of your life.
  6. You have the right to silence. You have the right to moments, or hours, of silence, away from the static and noise of the world. Away from the constant tug of war that your children cause in your mind that create stress-ridden emotions as you watch and try to help them define themselves. It’s in the silence, not necessarily meditation, but silence, that we are able to truly think and answer ourselves and make decisions and, yes, find our story.
  7. You have the right to create a new life every single day of your life. You are not defined by your history and you are not marked for failure because you have experienced failure. You have the right to the open door that every challenge presents and to appreciate the learning experience. You are ready for success because you now know what you don’t want… you understand how you got to where you don’t want to be.
  8. Finally, you have the right to choose. Each moment is a choice; you choose to be happy, you choose to work, you choose to complain, you choose to do something better or choose to do something for someone else. No one can force you to do anything; it’s your choice. This book is about exploring your choices and changing your story for yourself and  for the world, but most importantly, this book is to help you  create the life of your dreams!

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