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Three Things You Do to Ruin Your Day

Let me start with an amazing quote, “I am aware that I am less than some people prefer me to be, but most people are unaware that I am so much more than what they see.”  ― Douglas Pagels

Keep this quote in mind today…

when a young kid looks at you with disdain as if to say that you’ve learned nothing in your 48 years of life….#encouragement, #dance, #enjoy

or a check out clerk and people in line behind you make audible noises as they “suffer” through your search for exact change…

or a fellow automobile traveler makes a less than charitable hand gesture as you drive by without accommodating him….

or when YOU… when you look in the mirror… remember… You are more than what you see!

“So, you say I’m more than what me or other people see?  Why don’t I feel like more?”  you ask.

There are three ways that we sabotage our happiness … no, not sabotage… completely BLOCK our Happiness and they are:

1. Complaining
2. Fault finding
3. Taking things for granted.

Sit down and think for a second.  Are you a complainer?  It’s a hard label, and one that I suggest you apply with a post it note, because it’s easy enough to remove.  If you are complaining, you are saying to yourself (and anyone that will listen) that you feel deprived, or perhaps short-changed.  You are filling your thoughts, heart and actions with the purpose of “lacking”.    Your thoughts, heart and actions will just simply create MORE of that lacking and you will continue to complain about more and more.

Similarly with fault-finding, if you are constantly focusing on what you are missing, or what is wrong … than you are concentrating and filling your mind, heart and actions with more negative thoughts of “lacking” and a feeling of things missing.  Normally, through no “fault” of your own… you are simply ungrateful for what you have.

Explaining, “taking things for granted”, at this point almost seems redundant, right?   You see how if you aren’t happy and concentrating on the things that you HAVE, that you have been GIVEN… than you are already taking them for granted.  Regardless if they are a relationship, business opportunity, home, neighbors, friends… if you aren’t pleased and thankful, than you aren’t appreciating what you have.

At this point, the hard-core will say, “Well, I don’t have anything to be thankful for…” to which I reply… if you are reading this post than you have access to a computer or mobile device, and that my friend is something to be thankful for.  🙂

An attitude of “lack” or deficiency is hard to break, but not impossible.  Many times, this attitude is a defense mechanism we use to explain why we don’t have EVERYTHING we want… and I’m suggesting if you want more… than concentrate on appreciating what you HAVE first!

Than start setting goals and choosing action steps.  If you understand that you are grateful for everything that you have, and that you want to work towards more… that’s different from being ungrateful and feeling deprived and at a disadvantage.

I guess, what I’m saying is … that how you look at something and think about it, has a great deal of power over…. what is.

I’m sure you’ve heard of a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you spend your days thinking about how miserable you are… than you will spend your days being miserable.   On the flip side, if you spend your days being thankful for each day… if you spend your days in gratitude, you will be grateful.  Gratitude breeds happiness and joy.

Decide that each day is a wonderful gift… like a cherished birthday present. How do you feel when you are given something? You feel surprise, happiness, worthwhile, treasured, gratitude… these are all things you can feel each day when you …  see the sunrise, see the rain clouds, see your neighbor’s garden, watch a bird fly, notice a tree…

Make today amazing!





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