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Today’s Tip on Happiness ~ Think About Someone Else

As a single parent, I know what it’s like to go day in and day out constantly putting other people’s needs above your own.  Some days it’s easy… and some

Embrace this moment of Joy
Embrace this moment of Joy

days it’s not so easy, especially since children are still growing in their awareness of the world around them… (that’s a very nice way of saying that they can be very self-centered)

We do it, because it’s our job, but also because of the joy.  The joy in watching our children succeed… or excel in something.

How much more would be enjoy it… if we could encourage and help our adult friends and family?

What?  Let them do it themselves? What? You don’t have time?

Look around you.  Look at the most affluent and famous, wealthy people on the planet, are they sitting on their golden throne casting disparaging remarks and judging all who come into their view?

Of course, I can’t speak for everyone, but I suggest, they are not.  In fact, it seems like the most wealthy and affluent people are the ones that are also the most charitable. Their time is really not their own as they travel about the globe making the world a better place.

Celebrity may not have the connotation of the past, but I will tell you this. First they are human.  They are as human as you and I.   Second, as humans they make mistakes, and because of their celebrity, everyone on the planet hears about it.  Third and finally, they almost always are involved in some manner of trying to make the world a better place.

Can you say that of yourself?

Really.  Today. What thought have you had today about how you can change another person’s life for the better.

“Well, if I had that kind of money, I’d be able to do that too”  really?  Do you honestly think that you need to be wildly rich and famous to make a difference in someone’s life?  In your own life?

I am suggesting that when you stop judging other people and their intentions… when you stop blaming circumstances and stop living in the past. YOU will be happy with you… then you will want to share yourself… and when you start to share… truly, happily, and out of love and not obligation… then you will have true Happiness.

So, think of one thing.

Give your teenager a hug… a great big bear hug and say, “I love you”

Give the homeless man a $10.00.  Who cares what he’s going to spend it on… it’s none of your business.  The fact is, the man is someone’s son… someone’s uncle.. someone’s brother… someone’s father… and wouldn’t you want someone to do that for you?

Take one little step… do one little thing for someone else… and see how you feel.   huh?  yeah… that little smile… that deep content breath… that stillness … that smile.. that is happiness.

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