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Top 5 Reasons to Brainstorm

#1) Possibilitiesthinking creates ideas, ideas promote more thinking, your thoughts have the power to change your world -Wenda O'Neill
#2) Possibilities
#3) More possibilities
#4) Possibilities (did I say that already)
#5) Possibilities (ok, I think you get it)

I think you get my point.  Brainstorming has always been used as a tool of the great thinkers. Why, because of our imagination.  Brainstorming is amazingly effective because it doesn’t concentrate on answering all of the questions.  It doesn’t care about Who, What, When, Where, Why…  In fact, it is an exercise of sheer imagination.  The act is designed to intentionally stretch the limits of believability and allow us to work backwards towards production.  Does that makes sense?

Instead of concentrating on HOW you are going to necessarily do something, let’s start with the WHAT.  A good solid clear concise WHAT is a lot easier to brain storm.  For instance, “I want more money” just isn’t going to cut it.  That could be anything from a penny found on a side-walk to a 10K lottery check.  Let’s be a little more specific shall we… What is your WHAT?  SPECIFICALLY?

Ask yourself, if time and money were no object WHAT do I want.   What is my ultimate goal.  Don’t worry about the rest of the questions, the how, where, when… Just think about the what.  Write it down.

Read the the following questions out loud and answer it.

“Because all things are possible what 5 goals will change my life when I achieve them in the next 12 months?”

No look at that list.  If all 5 goals were going to occur in the next year, which one of those goals would make the most life changing difference if it occurred in the next 3 days?

THIS… the answer to this question should be the basis for your brain storming.

Listen, thinking creates more ideas, ideas promote more thinking, your thoughts have the power to change your world.  Trust your path, and your intuition and learn learn learn and keep moving and keep thinking about your ultimate goal and MOST IMPORTANTLY don’t listen to anyone that tells you, you can’t do it. 

The problem with other people is… they are not you.  They have their own sense of what is possible for them and their own agenda.  It’s not that everyone is going to intentionally try to stifle your ability to design and create your life, but it’s important to know that someone else’s sense of themselves is all they can project for you.  If they do not think something is possible, it’s because they do not believe it is possible for them. Very few people are able to truly encourage someone to follow their dreams unless they can imagine the dreams for themselves.  Does that make sense?

Your brainstorming should be a wild abandoned game of stretch your imagination.

Your thoughts create ideas, your ideas promote more thinking and through your thoughts you have the power to create your world.  START TODAY.

Take the first step to designing your life by believing that you have the power to illustrate, articulate, cultivate and build the life of your dreams!

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