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Your honest answer is required…

I’d like you to be brutally honest with me… Are you who you say you are?

Strange question right, but it’s a valid question. Think about it. What we all need to know is, that we are ABSOLUTELY who we tell start thinking more about what you are and less about what you are notourselves we are.

What do you tell yourself you are?

I’m always late
I’m fat
I’m always so tired
I’m a mess
I’m stressed
I’m a worrier

Because…. it doesn’t matter what you say to me… I will make my own judgement based on my own personal observations, frame of reference and internal conversation… you can only control you and what you think about yourself.

(quick little side tangent: YOU KNOW YOU CAN’T READ MY MIND, RIGHT? That goes for everyone. Whether your words will influence me or not has very little to do with you… and everything to do with me. You worry about you, and let me worry about what I think about you)

So, back to the hard questions.

If you doubt that you are actually basing your opinion of yourself on what others think? Try flipping the “I’m” statements to questions.

Am I always late?
Does your answer have ANYTHING to do with any other person on the planet, like, “Well, my boss would say I’m always late.” or “Well, My friend Janet is always telling me how late I am”

Am I fat?
Well, other people look at me and think I’m fat. (that is you reading their minds, right?) Or My boyfriend keeps telling me to lose weight. (another example of us taking our worth from what someone else’s opinion)

The point is… if you allow external objects and people and circumstances to dictate what you say to yourself, you may never “be” happy enough, successful enough.

All I’m saying is that the first step… Yes, it’s a simple step.. is to modify how you speak to yourself, it will automatically start to effect how you speak to other people about yourself… and it will effect your life in the most amazing positive ways.

Two keys to this working and working quickly; (1) You must believe that your statement is possible (2) You must be moving forward or towards something not away from something (make sense?)

For Instance:
I’m always late  vs.   I’m planning to arrive 10 minutes early to each engagement

I’m fat  vs.   I’m full figured and I love it

I’m always tired  vs.  I’m UP!  I’m Awake! and ready to go

I’m a mess   vs.   I’m going to find someone to clean up for me

I’m always stressed   vs.    I’m going to take a deep breath and relax

I’m always worried   vs.   I’m going to take a deep breath and relax

Think about it… Just give me one more minute to explain…

Which person is most likely to actually be late:

The person that says to themselves, I’m always late
The person that says, I’m planning to arrive 10 minutes early to each engagement?

I get it.  I totally understand.  Sounds easier than it actually is…

For example: You’re getting ready, you are walking around your home looking for the perfect outfit, the one you had in your head all week, but you can’t find the shirt. You look at the clock. You only have 10 minutes before you have to leave IF you want to be there 10 minutes early.

Here’s the big test

Do you say to yourself, “It’s ok, I’m always late” or “CRAP! I’d better get a move on because I always plan to be there 10 minutes early”

You see, what we say to ourselves has a direct relationship to WHAT WE DO.

Your thoughts about what you are… are very powerful.

Your concentration on what you are… are very powerful.

OH yeah, and what about how much time we spend thinking about what we are NOT!

I’m not…

I’m not… pretty, successful, wealthy, employed, happy, talented, computer literate…

Why not think more about what you ARE!?!

Why not think and concentrate more on all of the fantastic wonderful things that you ARE!!


I AM __________________________
I AM __________________________
I AM __________________________
I AM __________________________
I AM __________________________

OK, it’s only fair, here are my 5:

I am a writer
I am a Coach
I am a happy positive person
I am helpful
I am creative

I am going to make today amazing, join me!

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