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Your Intuition

Your intuition is that moment in time that you pay attention to a small sometimes persistent thought to do or say something. I say persistent because sometimes it’s repeated over and over until you might actually say out loud, “All right, I’ll do it right intuitionnow”. (smile)

There are so many brilliant and talented people who trust(ed) their intuition; here are just a few quotes:

The only real valuable thing is intuition.
Albert Einstein

Faith is a passionate intuition.
William Wordsworth

It is always with excitement that I wake up in the morning wondering what my intuition will toss up to me, like gifts from the sea. I work with it and rely on it. It’s my partner.
Jonas Salk

The creative is the place where no one else has ever been. You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition.
Alan Alda

I can’t really say exactly why I’m writing this post today, except … that I’m trusting my intuition.. ha ha ha ha

Intuition is that little thought to do something… that brief pause when you recognize a single moment and you are listening.

One of my favorite TV shows is NCIS, and the main character Gibbs is known for his intuition or trusting his gut.

Think about it.  How many times have you had a gut feeling about a situation or even a person?   You can’t explain why someone or something makes you feel a certain way, but you have learned to trust it.  That’s your intuition.

According to Helen Fisher PhD in an article published on “Oprah” she says,  “As you accumulate knowledge—whether it’s about what books your spouse likes or how to play chess—you begin to recognize patterns. Your brain unconsciously organizes these patterns into blocks of information—a process the late social scientist Herbert Simon, PhD, called chunking. Over time your brain chunks and links more and more patterns, then stores these clusters of knowledge in your long-term memory. When you see a tiny detail of a familiar design, you instantly recognize the larger composition—and that’s what we regard as a flash of intuition. ”

Read more: http://www.oprah.com/spirit/The-Science-of-Intuition#ixzz2OXrtuSeu

Deep breath…..  I think I’m writing this to really encourage you (and myself) to take that moment… (or few) to just sit quietly and mull over the specific questions you have.  I think sometimes we are so rigidly scheduled that we forget to give ourselves times to think and absorb everything.  We forget to be in the MOMENT!

We forget to see the sliver of the sun coming up in the morning, or the chirp of the birds or the rumble of the bus…  (smile)  There are so many things to notice and appreciate and pause to reflect on and most of all be thankful for!

Make today amazing!



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