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Your Unseen List

An interesting thought has been brought to my attention and it’s the fact that we all have an unseen list of what we believe is possible.  This unseen list works with us every day all day long helping us with our accomplishments.

Every moment of  light and dark is a miracle. Walt Whitman
Every moment of light and dark is a miracle.
Walt Whitman

One example of an unseen list are the several errands we intend to run before / after work.

Or the dates and times for the kids softball games.

Or the phone calls to doctors and mechanics for our yearly appointments and tune-ups.

Or our morning ritual, coffee than breakfast, pack lunches, sign homework.

These are the unseen lists we work with every day.   These unseen lists provide us with our expectations and results.  These unseen lists help us put our lives in order and reinforce what we believe and expect to be possible.

Our unseen lists are our possibilities.

I would imagine a writer would have; “sit down and write a few chapters of my new book this morning” on their unseen list.

I would imagine a farmer would have something to do with planting or harvesting

I would imagine my children would have something to do with being a famous singer or coming home to practice softball.

My kids played in a big huge refrigerator box this weekend.  They have been talking about it ever since, they have now put that activity on their unseen lists.   I wonder when they will take it off because the world has told them… they are too old, or it’s not cool?

Sometimes miracles occur and if you’re not careful you might not recognize them.

One morning the kids and I were driving to school, because they all missed the bus.  We were arguing because 1 of 3 didn’t want to go to school, 2 of 3 was still hungry and the 3rd just sort of joined in.  I was running out of patience and at the top of the hill we saw a blue heron.  Standing by the lake.  We all just stopped.

It slowly walked to the side of the gravel parking area, as if to say, come on over and have a look.  We pulled up and slowly, cautiously got out of the car and stood within 15 feet of this fantastic bird.  It didn’t fly off, but it did stretch it’s wings out showing the kids and myself its huge wing span.

Car after car drove by… school buses rumbled past…

After about 10 minutes of watching and whispering about this fantastic treat, we got in the car and the whole conversation changed.  We talked about this wonderful experience the whole way to school.

This morning as I ponder my unseen list, I realize that I need to put more miraculous things on my unseen list.  In order to see them… I need to expect them… I need to recognize them… I need to look for them.

Expect today to be Amazing!





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