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Law of Attraction Coaching, what’s all the hullabaloo?

What’s all the hullabaloo about The Law of Attraction?

Well, for starters Law of Attraction Coaching encourages you to think differently.  Having said that, there isn’t a coach or motivational speaker out there that isn’t already telling you the same thing.  In essence, the idea is that if you don’t like where you are now if you don’t like what IS NOW, then you have to change something.  And according to everyone that has ever given any screen time to the Law of Attraction that change needs to start at your head.

It makes sense.  You can call it Law of Attraction, you can call it focused thinking, you can call it directed intention, or defined purpose.  The point is, that rather than just allowing your day to happen to you the LOA coaches are asking you to participate.  The tools are your thoughts and their accompanying emotions.

The idea is simple.  If you don’t like your job, if you dread getting up and going to work.  You are to set to the task of imagining your perfect most relaxing and enjoyable and fulfilling professional experience.  You have to feel that work experience.  Your choices are to either recognize the things you like about your current circumstances and spend more time on that focus or focus on your perfect situation and spend time looking around for that job.

The thing that I feel like most literature about the Law of Attraction is missing is… ACTION.

You see, it’s true.  When you start to broaden your perspective and begin to open yourself to new and different circumstances of situations your life will change. There will be a change in your demeanor, and perhaps through a series of events, you will “fall into” a new situation, one that is better and closer to your ultimate goal.  The fact is… that still requires action.

Sometimes, if we want to make a BIG change, we need to have a more detailed focused goal, and a plan and take decisive and big action.

The fact is, most “luck” is really 5 – 7 years of hard work finally culminating.  We see an actor or author or politician or business owner and their success and we see that moment of achievement, we don’t see the time and energy that was investing in creating the success.  So, as scary as that may sound, and as nice as it would be to sit back and think happy thoughts, without big action, you will not receive significant success.

Now, some of the other bits and pieces about the LOA field and teachings are actually helping in handling and dealing with the struggles towards your personal success.  For instance, the connection between what we think and what we feel is necessary.  It’s true that all of our thoughts have feelings attached.  Many times, for various reasons we’ve created habits of thinking that stop us from taking steps in the direction of our success.  Maybe we believe it will be too hard, or perhaps we think that eventually we will fail and thoughts like, “why bother” or “I can’t” arise.

Understanding that we are able to create the world we live in IS a big responsibility and it’s so much easier to sit back and allow things to happen, then to actively mold those ideas into reality.  The fact is, we can either be pro-active and drive our destiny or we can sit in the back seat and be reactive.

Proactive people say, “how can I help?”

Reactive people wait to be asked.

No one is going to ask you, “Hey, would you like to be successful today?”

You need to step up and ask yourself, “How can I help myself be successful?”

The first step is always going to be FOCUSED THOUGHTS.

Focused Thoughts –> Feelings

Feelings –> Actions

Actions –> Results

Now the key is to have more GOOD results and fewer UNWANTED results.

I don’t want to belabor the point, because I’m sure we all recognize how our thoughts create feelings.  Sometimes we may even experience the feelings first, that then drive the thoughts. The fact is, that if we want to take actions and we want to take positive actions.  We want to take a look at the results we’ve gotten in the past and tweak our thoughts à feelings à actions, a bit to modify the outcome.

And that is how the Law of Attraction actually works.

You focus your thoughts on how it feels to succeed, and you are more inclined to take the actions required for success.

Perhaps you take the time to write a book, apply for a job, sell products on eBay.  The fact is, when you believe in your success, you are more motivated to spend the time doing the things needed to experience success.  You will look around for opportunities, you will have different conversations with other people and yourself.

Make today amazing, because you are amazing.

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