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The important thing is that men should have a purpose in life. It should be something useful, something good. Dalai Lama   There are a few simple rules to finding purpose and meaning in life.  I’m not saying that it’s simple to actually recognize your purpose and acknowledge the meaning, I am however, saying there there are a few simple steps that will put you in the right place at the right time.

Number One: Don’t make it complicated.

However much you think that you can’t, it won’t, you tried, you missed, it’s hard, just stop making it complicated.  If you have the time to read this blog, you have the time to find your purpose.

Number Two: Shut Up

Similar to don’t “don’t make it complicated” you need to stop the constant talking (externally and internally). That constant chatter of you evaluating and judging is drowning out your intuition and awareness.  Before you decide that you can’t, won’t or don’t do certain things, you need to just quietly … be.

Number Three: Breathe

Now that you are quiet, now that you have decided to stop the noise… take a deep breath.   Understand that this breath exists only for this moment and in this moment it is smooth… flowing… life giving… relaxing… fulfilling… wonderfully only yours!  This is an exercise in being quiet and content.  More oxygen to your body is revitalizing and this moment is yours. enjoy.

Number Four: Believe that there is purpose

How can you possibly find a purpose for your life if you have trained yourself to believe that life itself has no purpose?  That you have no control?  Do you really believe that “SH*T HAPPENS”?  That your life is nothing more that working for your paycheck, or raising your kids, or finding a boyfriend/girlfriend?  Before you can become aware of your purpose, you have to believe that it exists.   You have to believe that you are uniquely designed and wonderfully splendidly perfect for your purpose.

When you believe this, you will believe that it’s worth the effort and adventure to find.

Number Five: Practice Gratitude

Thankfulness is the basis for all goodness that comes into your life.  When you see things and are thankful, you will see that you have more and more to be thankful for, but when you concentrate on all of the things that you don’t have, you will never have enough. You believe what you tell yourself, and if you tell yourself all day how much your job stinks, or bad your apartment is, you believe it.  Alternatively, think about the good and be grateful for everything and you will see your “luck” change.

Keep in mind, this most people will find reasons of chance or timing to explain this phenomena, do you care?  If I tell you to spend 3-5 minutes each hour, listing things for which you are grateful, and it works… do you care if other people will say it had nothing to do with that exercise?  Do you care if it works?  I don’t.  In fact, I wouldn’t even tell them, I would just do the exercise and watch your abundance unfold.

Number Six: Turn your Dream into a Goal

The only difference between a dream and a goal is that goals have deadlines.   Many times we are tempted to fashion dreams that involve the participation of other people, the problem with that is, they are other people. We have no control over other people.  The best, more effective dreams are dreams where we are completely satisfied with our life and accomplishments and in that state of happiness we draw more happiness… and many times relationships.  To have a healthy relationship, you must have a healthy understanding of your worth, so that you don’t base your opinion of you, on what you think someone else thinks of you. :)  Make your dream wonderfully exciting and personally fulfilling and the rest will follow. Dream about a business, a job, a future and set a goal.

Number Seven:  Ask how can I help?

You don’t know …. how much you don’t know.   One day you will look and see that everything in your life was leading to a certain point, all of life’s lessons were placed in your path to bring you where you are today. THIS MOMENT.   Now, think.   Start something today.  What have you ever done in your life that has naturally and easily filled your mind and soul with laughter, peace, thankfulness and bliss?

Teach the elderly to use a computer

Walk your neighbors dogs

Hand out flyers for your favorite charity

Change the kitty litter for pregnant women

Start an elementary school afterschool program for young scientists

Run for local office

Go back to school and enrich your mind on a topic that you just find interesting


Learn MORE

Start something today….

Number Eight:  Listen to yourself in those quiet moments

Now that you are practicing being quiet, now that you are practicing non-judgement, now that you are practicing gratitude, now that you are helping other people you will naturally start to see areas and opportunities for you to use your talents and naturally and easily fill a specific need.  We all have those quiet still voices, the one that says, “Go help” and the other that says, “No, you’re late, let someone else do it”.

The bottom line is this, if you are feeling unsatisfied with your current path… will staying on that same path make you more or less satisfied?  Albert Einstein even recognized that we can not find solutions to problems thinking at the same level on which the problem was created.  We need to look at it from a different angle.  We need to look at it from a different awareness.  We need to change something, to change the outcome.

These are the simple steps for you to find your purpose.  Change how you are looking at your question of “what is my purpose”, and change how you are thinking about “what is my purpose”, and allow the answer to manifest through your new awareness.

Make Today Amazing.

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