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Are Curious People Happier?

Interesting question, right?

’cause…  how would they know… I mean, if you weren’t curious, then you wouldn’t think about whether you are happier than someone who is.. (chuckle)

Actually, It’s a good question and I think the answer is as individual as the … um… individual.  For instance, the incurious person may be happily content to live their day in happy toil and rewards… I on the other hand… would be very unhappy for them!  (you know me, a curious person)


I am strangely unable to reconcile my feelings about this topic.

I feel like there is something to be said for the calm comfort of predictability.  I think of my dad, (from a child’s perspective) working every day, coming home, doing yard work, then going to work the next day.   I don’t remember (from a child’s perspective) my father being a particularly curious person, however I do consider him a problem solver with a strong sense of moral right

Curiosity is one of the great secrets of happiness
Curiosity is one of the great secrets of happiness

and wrong.

Now that I’m writing this… I wonder more about what curious is…

My initial reaction to the word “Curious” was that it is the wild limitless quest for the fantastic answers to unasked questions… and now … now as I’m writing this.. I realize it may just be moments.  Maybe it is the problem solving moments… the moments when we ask ourselves “How come…?” or “How does…?”

Moments within our daily lives where we pause to observe… either ourselves, and our reaction… or things like caterpillars, blades of grass, the smell of rain, the morning sing song or birds.

Those moments when we wonder about the lives of birds, and cycle of caterpillars… those moments… are our curious moments.

The answer to the question, Is the curious person happier?  While food for thought isn’t really a question at all…  I believe we are all curious, some people just ask more questions.

Have an amazing day


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