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Are you living on your “default” setting?

What’s a default setting?

Well, when you click the print button in Microsoft Word, whatever printer generates your document is your “default” printer.  And that’s actually what got me to thinking about default setting this morning, because for the life of me, I could not get anything to print.  Nothing and it turned out I was printing to a printer that wasn’t even hooked up to my computer anymore.

Get it?

OK, I’ll keep going, so I starting to think about the other things that are sort of “default” settings.  Like how I feel in the morning when I wake up, right before I get out of bed.  My reaction when I’m zooming down the highway, minding my own business and a car cuts me off.  My choice of food when I go out, the place I choose to go out. My reaction to a child that won’t get out of bed in the morning.  hhhmmm…. what else comes to mind as a default setting… well, without getting too deep… our personal beliefs about our abilities… possibilities and more.

Get it yet?

What I’m saying is… what if you are sort of doing the same thing you’ve always done… ’cause it works.  There’s no denying the bills are getting paid, you have friends, your kids are happy, you just in general cruising along in the “I’m ok” land. Than there are those days when you really really super dooper wish you would win the lottery, you might even post “I want more money” 3 times on your facebook page

Time is precious treat it like money

hoping a fairy godmother will see it and grant your wish.

You watch the news, read Yahoo news or Huffington Post on your phone and hear about how it’s someone else’s fault you don’t have money because the news loves to feed you that kind of stuff.

You see those colorful meme’s funny, sarcastic, pithy filled with with, blaming someone else for your hard times.

You start to think (and it would seem everyone agrees) that it’s not your fault that you spend more money than you make, it’s expensive to be happy, and you deserve to be happy and it weren’t for (fill in the blank) you would be happy.

but—- ummm….  Is that working?

I mean, it doesn’t matter how many times you hit the print button… if the printer isn’t hooked up, it’s not going to print!

You need to change your default printer to one that is hooked up.

I get it.  It’s not easy to take responsibility for all of your problems especially since it’s would seem much easier to accept the opinion of everyone else, which is, it’s not your fault.  I will say this.  If what you are doing isn’t working, then you need to change something.   It has been my experience that changing who you put in charge of your life is a good first step.

Changing your default is really about taking responsibility.  In our social media society we are constantly being asked to make snap decisions and “like” or comment or engage and be involved in things that really have nothing to do with us and then we complain because we know how much money a someone makes and we believe they aren’t any more talented or attractive or funny or anything more than us.  So, stop liking that stuff.  Stop making comments that get you mad.  Let it go.

You will never hear anyone anywhere that disagrees with your point of view “Thank you” for showing them the light.  Ever.  Because they aren’t interested in what you think, unless it’s what they think.  You are in charge of your default.  Try…. try…. a reset.

Reset.  Look at your top 5 complaints about your life.  Go ahead, I’ll wait. (tap…. tap…. tap… tap) done?  Ok, not look at the list and say to yourself, If all of those 5 complaints were all going to be resolved within the next 12 months.  If all them were going to be complete non-issues by this time next year, which one item would make the most immediate impact if it was miraculously fixed in the next 48 hours.  Which one item would help facilitate the change in the other things and make the most positive impact immediately.

That one item should be your focus.  Not the other garbage that the news wants you to think about… this thing.

Then, when you think about this thing, don’t stop at the first reason why you can’t overcome this thing, don’t stop at the second, in fact, don’t listen to yourself when you tell yourself all of the reasons you are going to fall… listen to that reason why you thought it was important in the first place.

Let’s address the big one… Money.  Everyone crying about the 1% …… instead of trying to BE the 1%.

American’s have a love hate relationship with the idea of money.  Many of us were raised on sayings like, “Money is the root of all evil” or ” Money doesn’t grow on trees” and it’s the belief in those sayings and living a life with that type of belief that has shaped our personal belief on what’s possible as far as money is concerned.  If you don’t believe that money grows on trees then it won’t, but wouldn’t a apple farmer disagree?  That fruit tree farmer may have a completely different set of limiting beliefs about money, but I will assure you that he believes that money does grow on trees.

There are so many things that we think we know… so many things that we acknowledge we don’t know… and then there are those things that we have no idea that we don’t know.

Did you know that science is always wrong?

Think about it.

Science, the thing that everyone uses as the gold standard of measure for truth… is always wrong.

At the start of the twentieth century, scientists believed that they understood the most fundamental principles of nature. Atoms were solid building blocks of nature; people trusted Newtonian laws of motion; most of the problems of physics seemed to be solved. However, starting with Einstein’s theory of relativity which replaced Newtonian mechanics, scientists gradually realized that their knowledge was far from complete. Of particular interest was the growing field of quantum mechanics, which completely altered the fundamental precepts of physics (to see a complete timeline from Newton to quantum physics click here)

You may say, “Oh yeah, well of course they are always making new discoveries” ….  and I will stand here and look at you until it sinks in…until you understand that they were WRONG and kept looking for more and more answers.  You may argue that they weren’t wrong … per se, but that they weren’t complete.   But you are forgetting the times when they were full on out and out wrong…  Anyway.

My point is, nothing is completely known.  Even if you don’t believe in money growing on trees, your disbelief in your wealth is keeping you from it.  You want more money, stop concentrating on needing money, wanting money, not having money and start thinking differently and more positively about the money you have.   If you can’t get there with the money you have, (and I know how that feels, you’ve been thinking about your pay check a certain way for so long, it may not seem that easy to think about it differently) The answer?  Think of something else that fills your heart with joy.

Do you ride a bike and love the feeling of whizzing down the road

Do you enjoy a nice walk around the lake or neighborhood or town

Do you enjoy your children

Do you enjoy knitting or making crafts

Do you enjoy having coffee with friends.

Get very general, don’t be specific, walk yourself into that feeling of having everything you need, and milk those moments of joy.  Forget about the lack and the wanting and the misery that you torture yourself with when you think about everything you don’t have and you want, because when you think about those things with a depressed attitude you are just adding fuel to your belief that you will never having them.

This may sound silly to some, and make sense to others, but theirs actually a bit of quantum science supporting this theory of positive vibration and energy. (For a completely understandable overview of what scientists currently believe check out this piece from PBS – http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/blogs/physics/2013/08/the-good-vibrations-of-quantum-field-theories/

So in closing let me just say, that if you can keep up your “good vibrations” and gain some positive momentum you will see big changes in your life in the area or topic you’ve listed above.  Remember, not to stall the momentum by delivering the negativeness that you usually believe.  If you can’t stay positive about that topic, then don’t think about it. 🙂

Have an amazing day.


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