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Bringing Prosperity Back

Have you noticed how little the word “prosperity” is used today in conversation and the media? It’s almost portrayed as a pipe-dream, something of the past, elusive and unattainable.  The fact is, when we stop talking about things in an achievable way, we stop believing in our ability to attain them.  Prosperity is one of those things. It’s no longer part of our conversation.

Prosperity is one of those words that means something different to each person. To some it may mean, long vacations with the family, and others a nice home, and yet others more people buying their product. The fact is, that learning to believe that prosperity no long exists or at least no longer exists for you, is what we call in the business; a limiting belief.

I know, you can’t help it.  (Believe me I know) The media tells you that the economy is terrible, your friends tell you that there aren’t any jobs, your personal experience supports that trading time for money is getting harder and harder. “Wait? What!?!  Trading time for money?”

Yes, you do understand that if you are getting paid for working… you are trading your time for money.  right?  Even if you are a plumber, a lawyer, a politician, you are trading your time for money.  If you don’t put the time in, you don’t get the money out. (let’s not quibble over your paid sick days and vacation days, you know they are all part of your time for money contract).

Prosperity for people who trade their time for money can only ever be translated into –more opportunities to earn more money for my time.  The people who believe in prosperity are still finding it, they just aren’t talking about it, or writing about it because they are busy… earning it.

These people have the following attributes in common:

  • Clearly defined goals
  • Action Step Map towards goals
  • Integrity

These are simple steps to success.  Simple, does not necessarily mean easy.

Experiencing prosperity means that you need to clearly define what prosperity means to you.  Why not give it a try and write down what you think prosperity means… go ahead, I’ll wait. … seriously, give it a shot, complete the statement:

“Prosperity means ________________________________________”  or maybe you’d prefer,

“I will feel prosperous when ___________________________________”.


Did you get something like:

“Prosperity means not having to work two jobs.”

“I will feel prosperous when I can treat the family to a vacation without worrying about money.”

Both of them, great statements, and both of them terribly unclear goals.  Try it again, and make it very clear.  Prosperity means not having to work two jobs because I am earning double my income… a little better but still not there.  Why?  Because we aren’t trained for prosperity.

We aren’t trained to recognize prosperity and accept it and allow it.

We are, however, trained to complain.

Prosperity requires responsibility.  The individuals that are experiencing prosperity right now, took ownership and created this aspect of their experience, regardless of what everyone around might have been saying.

Ask yourself which serves your prosperity better:

You’ve lost your job
Complaining about no jobs out there       or      being excited about the adventure of a new opportunity

You’re in debt
Complaining about no money    or    researching opportunities for additional streams of money

Your overweight
Complaining about how you look   or   loving yourself and who you are and being that person

Before you get all, “OH! This is just positive thinking yada yada yada…” I want to make sure you understand, this isn’t just turning something negative into a positive, this is CHANGING how you think about the things you think about. This change in perspective looks simple, however it isn’t easy.  Especially for the person that is so used to only seeing the evidence of their lack of prosperity. In fact, most people won’t even try a new outlook because it is so simple, that they don’t believe it can possibly work.

Let me ask you this, “Is what you’re doing now working?”  Because if it is, then you don’t need to change anything. However, if what you are doing is not working… then why would you keep doing the same thing?  Why wouldn’t you investigate and research and decide to change something to get a different result?

Who is in control of what you think?  The government? The Media? Your Boss or co-workers?  Why would any of those people spend ANY time telling you about your ability to succeed?  You literally can’t afford to wait for someone to come along and drag you up to the top earning level, if you want prosperity, then you need to do something about that. You are in control of you.

If you don’t believe me?  Start a conversation about prosperity and see what happens.  Does it turn into a group of people complaining about money or a group of people brainstorming about possibilities? 9 out of 10 times it will be the first: complaining.  Trying to interject any positive spin usually results in someone providing evidence for their argument against abundance.

The fact is, people succeed all the time.  There are more self made millionaires in our country now than ever, in fact over 80% of the current millionaires did not inherit their money.  They earned it. In order for you to believe in prosperity for yourself, you have to first believe in your possibilities.

You can start here:

Set Clear Goals
Create Effective Action Steps
Be honest

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