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Changing how you talk, will change your life

Remove negative talk from your vocabulary.


This isn’t always the easiest thing to do, because often times we aren’t even the people speaking negatively. Many times we are surrounded by negative people and we don’t realize it. Listen to your co-workers and hear what they are saying. Are they often complaining about their circumstances and how hard they have it; or are they telling stories about fun and laughter.


Think about how you interact. Think about what you

You Can, You Should, and if you're brave enough to start.. you will
You Can, You Should, and if you’re brave enough to start.. you will

think about. Do you find yourself thinking about how hard and difficult something is going to be and how you wish it were different or do you spend time blaming someone or something for the circumstances?


Yes, life can be hard, but we make it harder on ourselves by mulling over past grievances and constantly venting negative comments and lamenting our situations. STOP. Just STOP. Cold Turkey. Decide today that you are going to follow the simple “3 Sieve Rule”. This is a fantastic way to help you recognize someone elses negative influence and your own participation in creating a negative atmosphere.


The 3 Sieve Rule is a filter. There questions you ask yourself before you open your mouth.

1. Is it True

2. Is it Necessary

3. Is it Kind


That’s it. Your comments about someone else, about a situation, about anything must pass all three of these questions.


Try it.


AND… simply remove the words, can’t, don’t, no and try, from your language and you will see that you will achieve much more on a daily basis then you ever dreamed. Really, I’m not saying that you are going to actually do the things that you “think” you aren’t able to do… I’m saying that you will slowly be changing how you think.


Change “I can’t” to “I will try”…
Change “No, you can’t do that” to “Why not try this instead”
Change “Don’t touch that” to “Please put that down and come here for a hug” (ha ha ha I love to throw a hug in when I’m talking to my kids”


HEY… It’s going to be hard. I’m 48 years old, That’s a lot of years of just talking without a filter. Thinking righteously negative thoughts.. but the ultimate truth is, my negative words hurt myself as much as anyone else that hears them especially if they are about someone else.


Lift your spirits today and think positive, speak positive and reap the rewards.

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