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Do Something Wonderful

Albert Schweitzer said, “Do something wonderful, people may imitate it.”

Think about that… think about how other people,

Think how you can make today wonderful... and do it!
Think how you can make today wonderful… and do it!

sometimes complete strangers may influence you into imitation.

The small group of people walking around the lake, chatting and getting exercise in the spring air….  may motivate you, encourage you, or plant the seed of activity.

The young man holding the door open for the mom and her gaggle of kids, may remind you of simple kindnesses, motivate, encourage or plant the seed of kindness.

Now… consider this.  What if you were that person, doing that small kindness, walking around the lake smiling, laughing… think how every person that notices you has the opportunity to recognize your gift and to… imitate it!

Do something wonderful today!  Spread happiness wherever possible… and Make Today Amazing!



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