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Emotional Scale – And How to Use It

In yesterday’s workshop we talked about how to FEEL better about situations and circumstances. Sometimes it’s difficult to be observing what is happening and find a better feeling.  Whether it’s loss or lack, the way that we think about things is directly related to the way that we will FEEL about them.  It’s our feelings or emotions that drive our actions, which in turn create our results.

Think –> Emotion
Emotion –> Action
Action –> Result

For many, the EMOTION comes first, then creates the thoughts –>action–>results.  In the end it’s the results that we experience.  If you keep doing the same thing, you will keep getting the same results.

Since our feelings/emotions are so powerfully connected to what we experience, I told the group about a tool I know called: The Emotional Scale.  I told the attendees of my workshop I’d send them a copy of the emotional scale and I thought I’d share it with you too.

Yesterday we talked about the difference between positive thinking vs. positive being. Recognizing when you are feeling something (or thinking something) that doesn’t serve your greater good, can’t always be fixed by saying positive words.  If the words don’t created a better feeling if they don’t encourage, energize or support your happiness it won’t have much affect on your actions. (and in turn the results)

The Emotional Scale is one tool to help you intentionally lift yourself towards a better feeling, by deliberately seeking better feeling thoughts.

So, without further adieu… the Emotional Scale

emotional scaleSometimes it feels impossible for you to imagine feeling Joy about a situation or circumstance.

Sometimes the struggle is too real and you can’t get that top feeling of power, freedom and love, because what you are looking at, what you experiencing is too far down the emotional scale.


Contrary to what our culture teaches us, we don’t have to be HAPPY all the time.  Sometimes just a little better is … enough.

To use the emotional scale, when you find yourself feeling bad, try to find a little relief but moving up the scale.

Can you go from Jealousy to anger? or Disappointment to frustration?

The idea is to train yourself to look for a better feeling. To recognize that you want to feel better, and allow yourself the relief.

Many times we have such a great attachment to our negative feelings that we have to release them completely and just go for something that we KNOW will feel better.  So, it’s not always a straight shot up the scale.  Sometimes it’s a long route.  Going from desperate to pay the bills, to something better isn’t easy.  So, stop thinking about the bills for a moment and stop beating the drum of your feelings of lack of money and stress of bills, and think about other areas of your life that are abundant.

FEEL that better emotion and milk that for a while.

Career/money, health and relationships are the most common requests for coaching.

In almost all cases the individual is stuck trying to achieve things from the “outside – in”, in other words, they are trying to get stuff.  They believe our cultures hype about self worth being based on accumulating things… Actually, our happiness has to start from within.  And we need to understand where we are, so we know where to go.

That’s why we say, “Can’t buy love” or “Money can’t buy happiness” because money isn’t the goal, it’s just a tool to the goal.  The goal is joy, freedom, love.


If you are in New Jersey and interested in joining these workshops, your invited to  join this meetup and RSVP as the workshops are posted.





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