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It’s About Being Self Aware

What is mindfulness?  It’s the new hip thing and everyone is talking about it… even Oprah has teamed up with my all time favorite Deepak Chopra and they are working together to provide the 21 day meditation challenge.
There is just no getting around that turning bad things into good things is up to you
This I love.

I have been so enriched by participating in this challenge, I recommend it for everyone!

Anyway, getting back to being Self Aware.

There is a difference between Self Conscious and Self Aware.  Do you know what it is?  The term self-conscious is all about us being concerned with how other people perceive us… self-conscious is about  us worrying and wondering what other people think or assumptions we make about other people… NOT about ourself.  In fact, the term Self Conscious… is really a misnomer… it makes you think it’s about us… but it’s really not.  AND… self-conscious is powered by fear.

Self Aware on the other hand is the state of asking yourself questions that only you can answer … about this very moment.  This is a self based awareness that will allow you to forge new pathways in your brain and create healthy nourishing habits.   These habits lead to life long changes that will lead to health wellness and success.


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