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Never be bullied, Define Yourself

Once I was bullied.

I didn’t realize it at the time.   I don’t think I had ever

#don'tbebullied, #happiness
#don’tbebullied, #happiness

been bullied before, I guess, I had always thought that every decision I made was because “that’s what I decided to do”.

Once I was bullied….  it lasted for 7 years.

I didn’t realize that a bully doesn’t need to threaten, or fight or push you around to be a bully… the bully just makes you feel less…. you.   The bully makes you afraid.  The bully makes you start to make decisions that focus on … the bully.  The bully just wants control and slowly… (as is my case) you give up your control and live to satisfy the bully.

Once I was bullied.

Then I remembered.   I remembered when I was a little younger.  I remembered when I thought I was fun and pretty and happy and my life was filled with joy.   I realized that I was still me… I had a choice.   I realized it wouldn’t be easy… but I had a choice.


Once I was bullied.

Sometimes I remember being bullied.  Sometimes I remember the stress and anxiety and constant frustration of my old life… but it’s nothing a nice deep breath of air can’t make float away.   You see… that was a lesson I needed to learn.

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.”
– Buddha


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