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The power of who you are to you… by thinking “I am”

What follows I AM will always come looking for youThe power of “I Am”

Thousands of times throughout the day, we each judge and evaluate situations and circumstances. More importantly, we look at the reactions of other people, or the results of our efforts and we make “I am” statements.  These comments to ourselves to tell us how we’re doing and who we are.  It’s important for us to realize that what we say to ourselves we believe.   The words that follow the statement “I AM” will be following us.

You see, when we concentrate on something, we are giving it power.  We are literally making room for it in our lives and finding a home for it, perhaps even pushing something else out-of-the-way to bring it forward.  Our awareness or consciousness of something literally brings it to life.

How many times have you ever thought or said,

“I am fat”

“I am tired”

“I am terrible at that”

“I am old”

“I am average”

“I am sick”

“I am unlucky”

And I wonder, how many times after saying any of those things has the opposite come into your life?  Or… do you normally get more of the same…unluckiness, sickness, feeling of lack or average-ness?

Recently I happened upon a service by Joel Osteen and he said, “What follows “I am” will always come looking for you”.   He further explains that when you make an “I am” statement you are offering an invitation to whatever follows the statement, he says, “The good news is, you get to choose what follows the ‘I am’”.

I’m encouraging you to send out new invitations.

Get up in the morning and invite Happiness.  Invite Health. Invite Strength.

I am strong

I am talented

I am prosperous

I am attractive

I am beautiful

Your Personal Invitation

We have an opportunity every morning to renew ourselves.  We have a chance to decide and choose what we are going to allow to affect us and how we are going to act and react.  I believe that by starting a day with joy and happiness and telling ourselves that we are filled with gratitude, joy, strength and power, we are inviting those things into our life.

This week has been incredibly interesting in that I am (as usual) in the right place at the right time.  Yesterday I listened to Deepak Chopra on atGoogleTalk  on youtube, while driving to the bus stop to pick up the kids from camp. (Here’s the link)   He has basically reinforced everything that I believe about our power over our lives every day.

In fact, as I’m writing this I realize that this video was perfectly and divinely placed in my path.  You see, I’ve been struggling with what I have called “my-inability-to-write-what-I-am-thinking” known to the outside world as “writers block” the more I thought about my inability to write, the more I am unable to write.

I didn’t realize that I have been whining and complaining to myself for days about not being able to write.  I have been starting my rants  with “I can’t write” or “I just can’t get anything out on paper”.  I really needed to see my “problem” from a different level.  I needed to see the problem from outside myself, to have a different awareness, instead of simply concentrating and focusing on what I felt I could not do… I needed to concentrate on what I can do.

These last 2 days have inspired and reinvigorated my strength in myself and I am once again strong, energetic, talented and I am ready to succeed.

Dr. Chopra explains that problems arise in “contracted awareness” versus expanded awareness.  He describes the components of awareness as our moods, perceptions, feelings, expectations, assumptions and beliefs. When you are seeing a problem, you are viewing the problem from the same level at which the problem was created.  In my case, me sitting at my computer, with my mind blank.  Internally chastising myself because for forgetting that great quote I thought up while I was driving in the car!  That is contracted awareness, the goal is to view the problem from a different awareness, from expanded awareness.

The first step is to understand and recognize that we are viewing the problem from the same level or plane as where the problem was created and the second step is to pause.  Understanding that the problem can not be solved at this level, allow yourself the moments to gather this understanding.  Step three: shift.

One way to intentionally shift your level of awareness is to “feel gratitude”.  I know that sounds crazy, but before you try to resolve this problem or issue, take a moment to literally think about the things that you are already grateful for.  🙂 

Here’s the thing.  If you’re reading this, and you think that I’m nuts… then fine.  But, the next time you get frustrated with your teenager and you find yourself having the same argument with the results. Take a moment, and think about this blog post.  Change something, to change the outcome.  You have control over you, so it stands to reason, the change must be in you.

You have the power to change how you react, interpret, interact, and speak to yourself and other people.

Intentionally shift your awareness.

In Closing

Your “I am” statements are very powerful.  When you wake up tired and you tell yourself, “I am tired”, tired is going to come looking for you.  When you recognize something about yourself, whether it’s tired, grouchy or sore, take a few minutes to understand that those things are NOT who you are.   Understand that you can recognize those things, but putting your concentration on them will compound them and draw more of the same into your life.

Create your life-fulfilling, fully expressed statements of who you are and make them your “I am” statements.

I am wonderful

I am happy

I am healthy

I am young

I am prosperous

I am wealthy

I am loved

I am going to have an amazing day!






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