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…You must want to be different

Ah Neville… how you delight my desire for mind twisting thought!  All transformation begins with intense burning desire to be transformed

Today I fell in love with Neville Goddard, because his middle name was Lancelot!  I mean, come on girls who doesn’t love a man whose name harkens back to knights in shining armor.  But alas, I was introduced to Neville Lancelot Goddard 30 years after he had left this earth.  Before I go any further and discuss what I want to discuss I just want to highlight this character, so here’s a little background straight from the pages of Wiki-pedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neville_Goddard

Neville Goddard was born on 19 February 1905 in St. Michael, Barbados in the British West Indies, to Joseph Nathaniel Goddard,[2][3]a merchant, and Wilhelmina Nee Hinkinson.[4][5] Neville was the fourth child in a family of nine boys and one girl.

In 1922 he came to the United States on board the S.S. Vasari to study drama at the age of seventeen. He became a dancer, and during this time he married his first wife, and they had a son together,[6] named Joseph Neville Goddard.[7]While touring with his dance company in England he developed an interest in metaphysics after striking up a conversation with a Scotsman who lent him a series of books on the powers of the mind. Upon his return to New York he gave up the entertainment industry to devote his full attention to the study of spiritual and mystical matters.

I love that he started out as a dancer and actor and that a chance meeting changed his life. 

This week I’m listening to Neville’s book, The Power of Awareness.  It’s narrated by Grover Gardner and to be frank, the narration is a little dry.  I imagine that the producers thought to have someone who the listener might imagine was Neville, but the only person I’ve found harder to listen to is Zig Ziglar.  Funny right?  I love what they have to say, I just can’t listen to them say it!  🙂

Yesterday while running errands I thought I’d give the book another listen, (after all, I didn’t think I’d fall asleep while I was walking around) and as a result I was floored by an immediate and urgent need to listen and re-listen to a certain passage.  Neville is explaining our power to intentionally create with our thoughts:

“You know a thing mentally by looking at it from the outside, by looking at it, comparing it, analyzing it and defining by thinking of it.

You know a thing spiritually only by becoming it.  Only by thinking from it. You must be like the thing it’s self and not merely talk about it and look at it, but become it. “

It makes so much sense! We have heard the same exact thing a hundred times with sayings like, “To understand you’d have to walk a mile in my shoes” or “You don’t know unless you’ve been there”.

BUT LISTEN, We need to stop using those phrases to explain our failures and start using that concept to manifest our desires. Don’t we usually use those words to get people off our backs and get them to stop judging us?  What if…  we could flip that around.  What if instead of saying, “to understand you’d have to walk a mile in my shoes” we created an internal conversation where we believed in a goal with the clarity required to imagine actually experiencing the goal.  Most people can “imagine” walking a mile in a given pair of shoes, so why do we hesitate to use our imagination to fulfill our wishes?

Sound crazy?  I can hear you saying, “Sure, ok, I’ll pretend I’m Donald Trump and I’ll just walk up to the Country club and play a few rounds with my friends”;  and you know that’s not what I’m saying.  In fact, if you wanted to be Donald Trump, there is more on the inside that would need to change, then the outside, because you COULD go to the country club. (you might not get in…but you could go) but what you can’t do right at this very moment, is be confident and assured of your wealth and real estate expertise.  What you lack right this second is the deep down belief that you ARE Donald Trump.

More importantly, you shouldn’t believe that you are someone else. I mean, you can believe that you can be different from what you are currently experiencing, but you shouldn’t actually believe that you are literally someone else, (um ’cause that’s crazy talk).

Here’s the key.


When you think, you will get new ideas.  New ideas help you create new experiences, new experiences are… (let’s say this together) change.

If you want the same results, keep doing what you are doing.

If you want different results, CHANGE what you are doing.

Neville is saying that there is a place AFTER conscious thought, that there is an undefinable and unseen level of “being” where we hold our true understanding of who we are. He explains that it’s here that the true metaphysical change occurs when we intentionally set out to create our lives.

Listen, I know that the whole New Age movement has such a wacky label and being the age that I am, I grew up dismissing anything attached to that label because I was taught they were crazy people.  I’m not the only one, because “they” don’t even call it New Age anymore, “they” call it Transformational.  And remarkably, Transformational leadership or coaching are currently highlighted in Psychology today as the most modern method of achievement.  I’m saying this because many people will poo-poo ideas that have their origins in New Age thinking, simply because the term New Age has such negative connotations. If it helps, substitute Transformational every time you read the words New Age (that helped me).

All of this… everything I’ve written, boils down to this.

Are you living the life that you want?  Are you fully expressed and doing what you enjoy?  Do you feel happy and energized and do you look forward to your work or job or tasks scheduled?

If you aren’t, then I believe you owe it to yourself to take a few moments to just think about what it is that would create your happiness.

Stop yelling “MORE MONEY!” at me.   The more you believe that money will make you happy, the less you will have, because money is a tool.  People who are slaves to money, are never happy.  As a tool, Money makes it’s easier to do things.  When Money is the goal, you will never have enough.

AHHHH, but you think if you had more money than you wouldn’t have to be doing what you’re doing.

Now, we’re talking.

Now I would say to you, (if you were my client) If money were no object what would you do?  If everything were possible, what one thing would you do that would make the most significant change in your life today.

That thing, this one thing is the perfect first thought towards clarifying a goal.  Once you THINK of an IDEA you are able to THINK MORE about that idea, and then research and create goals and action steps and more importantly BELIEVE in the idea.  You can eventually make the paradigm shift from thinking OF the idea to thinking FROM the idea.

Get it?

Have a great day!  And make it amazing.







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