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Permanent Motivation

In the words of Zig Ziglar, “Motivation is not permanent, but then neither is bathing. …that doesn’t necessarily mean I don’t approve of it, in fact, I strongly encourage it.” 

Experts agree, most people are confused about motivation and positive thinking. The fact is, motivation is not permanent, everyone has experienced the transient nature of motivation, whether it’s painting your home, starting a new weight loss program, deciding to jog every day as a new exercise regime or pounding the pavement job hunting.  Your motivation is not permanent.

The good news is that, it’s not just you….it’s everyone. Motivation is NEVER permanent.  Motivation motivation is not permanent  it must be renewed every dayisn’t permanent because we all experience the lack of encouragement, or hindrances every step of the way.

In fact, when you hear success stories, what is the recurring theme?  Usually there is someone behind the scenes encouraging the individual, helping them overcome something that is averse to their success.  Someone behind the scenes helping them stay motivated with their belief in their abilities. Most success stories outline how parents or teachers were instrumental in pushing and encouraging the individuals, or how experiences as a child were influential in promoting a specific talent.  These stories prove by illustration that we are always fighting for motivation.

Positive thinking is similar to motivation in that manner, no one is every happy 100% of the time.  And contrary to what some would have you think, positive thinking won’t let you do anything.  For instance, as a 50 year old woman, I will not be able to compete for a position on a professional football team as a  linebacker, while some would argue that it’s not possible because I am not thinking positively about the situation, I will say this, that my belief in the positive movement runs more along the lines of: Whether you think you can, or can’t you are right.  In the words of Wayne Gretzky, “You will miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”, in other words, if you try something, you might fail….if you don’t try, you definitely fail.

This is where motivation is tied closely to positive thinking, while I may never be a linebacker, I am a successful writer.  My motivation, like your motivation is transient and must be renewed daily.  My ability to believe in my abilities is constantly being eroded by external conditions.

I want to stop here (and go off on a little tangent) about the difference between who we are vs. the conditions we experience.   You are NOT the traffic you sit in on your way to work.  You are NOT the shoes you are wearing, or the job you perform.  Zig Ziglar says, “Failure is an event, not a person” (as you can see I’m on a little ZZ kick at the moment) Do you see the difference?  When we identify with the conditions we experience now, it sometimes makes it difficult to visualize our end result, our goal.

Goals (ok, back on topic now) are the main way to achieve daily motivation.  Having goals, imagining the end result, fixing on a specific outcome, is the best way to encourage yourself to continue to seek motivation.  Oh, by the way, you need to actively look for your motivation, it’s no one elses job to motivate you.  In fact, you will find that most people will try to suck you back into the dark abyss or lack when they sense that you are climbing out of the hole. (I know, I’m getting a little dramatic, but it’s true!)

The fact is, that since motivation isn’t permanent, it must be renewed.  Every day, you have to figure out a way to motivate yourself.  Too often, we judge our accomplishments BEFORE we self motivate and that in fact becomes another limiting factor in our life.  We limit our own forward movement by “taking stock” before we are properly motivated.

Imagine, the difference in viewing your accomplishments from the viewpoint of someone motivated to move forward towards a goal versus someone who has judged the previous forward movement thus far too slow?

In my opinion, we should each morning listing to a message of encouragement, education and motivation.  Unfortunately, those messages are almost never found on the radio or television, because the “news media” isn’t in business to encourage us.  It’s no one elses job to encourage and motivate you, so you have to take it into your own hands and investigate the best way to keep your level of motivation up.

Here are some speakers I would look for:

Zig Ziglar
Brian Tracey
Anthony Robbins
Micheal Port
Wayne Dyer
Suzie Orman
Deepak Chopra

I listen to their audio books using the audible app in my car, I listen to Youtube recordings.  And each time I listen I am reminded of something or I am renewed or I am encouraged.  I remember when I used to drive to work listening to music.  I would experience the joy of the music and the sunrise and traffic and the other sights and sounds and it was awesome.  Now, I have those same feelings except instead of just feeling good, I am also receiving the value of direction.

Listening to a motivational speaker every morning is like having a personal coach, with you each day helping you understand your challenges and encouraging you not to get bogged down in other people’s stuff, that you worry about you, and when you change what you think about, you change your life.

Let me know if you can think of anyone else that’s particular good at motivation!



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