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Napoleon Hill – 10 Rules for Success

Just a quick note. This morning I decided to do my “educational listening” to Napoleon Hill. And I thought I put together the Top 10 Napoleon Hill Rules for Success. Words are funny tools for communication. I’m not sure that everyone will completely understand the meanings that I intend, so I hope that if you have any questions or comments, you’ll take the time to reach out to me so we can talk about it.

For now, I want to get this list out and on the blog so I can get ready to go into the office!
Enjoy your day

Napoleon Hill 10 Rules for Success

  1.  A definite Purpose, Followed by a Plan, followed by Action. It’s not too important that the plan is sound, because you can always adjust your plan, however it is important that you have a definite purpose.
  2. Get along peacefully with others. Great people always avoid small incident of controversy when possible.
  3. Believe. If you want to achieve something you must form the habit of belief in the possibility of that achievement. Repeat every day the statement of your belief in the possibility of your success.
  4. Take Responsibility. Write down your definite purpose, write down what you intend to give for Napoleon Hills 10 rules for Successwhat you desire and memorize both of your statements. What you desire and what you intend to give for it. Repeat it a dozen time daily and always end with a statement of gratitude for everything you have already been given.
  5. Take Action. You will not get any results from your definite purpose without taking action towards that purpose.
  6. Improve Your Personality. This is your trademark and it’s the thing that determines your success or failure moving towards your purpose.
  7. Create and Act upon possibilities. Your definite purpose will make you more alert to the possibilities and opportunities in regards to your goal. It’s your job to act upon those opportunities to create the action steps towards your goal. Condition your mid to embrace opportunities and you will avoid procrastination and Make opportunities
  8. Success must be planned. You can create luck by creating and implementing a plan. By putting together a team to bring with you and work together towards success. “Success is the knowledge of getting what you want in life without violating the rights of others and by helping others acquire it”
  9. Maintain a positive mind. The slightest bit of a negative attitude is enough to destroy the positive forward movement. Create the environment of pure positive energy and move with courage and determination towards your definite purpose.
  10. Conceive, Believe, Achieve. This is a Napoleon Hill standard. This doesn’t say anything about finances or education. This is purely an internal working of your thought process. If you can conceive it and believe in the possibility, then you can achieve it!

I think one of the things that really hit me this morning is that “success is a habit”.  A habit is something that we do over and over again… without thinking.   Imagine creating a habit of success.

Have an amazing day!



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