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How to Heal the Emotional Pen

One day you picked up a pen.  Maybe someone asked you to pick it up, maybe you saw it and thought you’d like it … the fact is, one day you picked up the pen.

Look at that pen in your hand.  You tell everyone (including yourself) the story about how the pen got there.  You tell everyone (including yourself) how beautiful it was, or how nicely it used to write, and how in the end you were tricked, mislead, manipulated into picking up the pen, and you look at it.

All you see is the pen, you don’t see your hand clutching it so tightly… anymore.

You have it in your hand, and you choose to grip it firmly. Imagine always having that pen in your hand.  Imagine going to sleep, taking a shower, going to work, always gripping the pen in one hand.

You show this pen in your hand to people and say, “LOOK AT THIS!  I am so limited because of this pen in my hand!” or “I can’t do that because of this pen in my hand.”  And after a while, the pen and its story become your story.  You are the pen.

Sadly, the world confirms that.  They tell you, “Of course, we understand you’re limited because of the pen in your hand.”  Or “It’s not your fault you picked up the pen.” Or “Tell us again the sad sad tale of the day you picked up the pen.”

Sometimes….  They ask you, “Why don’t you let go of the pen?” and that question infuriates you.

You hold your pen high into the air and call to all people holding pens.  You point at people without pens and accuse them of targeting you because they don’t know what it’s like to hold a pen, day in and day out. You say you shouldn’t have to put the pen down, after all, it’s not your fault that you are holding it…. and you tell your story again.  The story about the day you became the pen.

They don’t ask again.  They know better. You are the pen.


Have you ever wondered?

Have you ever thought about releasing your grip?

Have you ever thought about holding your fist up to the sky and unfurling your fingers?

Close your eyes and imagine the pen releasing and your hand completely free. Envision a future story without the limitations of the pen in one hand.

The fact is, I have a desk drawer filled with pens… most people do.  Some are harder to put down than others, but in the end.  Pens are used for writing stories, they are not the story.

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