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Are you stuck? Here’s how to move forward.

So, you’re stuck…

You’re stuck going to work every day to a job that you in a toxic environment.

You’re stuck dreaming about all of the wonderful things you can do with recycled material, but never seem to get them done.

You’re stuck in a messy house, but never seem to get it clean.

You’re stuck in a body weight that you would like to change.

You’re stuck with no time to get any exercise.

You’re stuck with no quality time with loved ones.

Yup, you are stuck…… or are you?

Here’s an idea.

Do one thing.  Do one little thing to make a change in that stuck area of your life.  For instance…

If you’re stuck in a job, decide to get up early 20 minutes each morning to check the online job boards and send out your resume… EVERY DAY.  That’s one little step.  It’s not a job interview, it’s not figuring out how you are going to get a day off work to go to the interview, or what you’re going to do with the kids when you go to the job interview or whether they are going to give you the job after you jump through hoops to get to the interview… it’s one little step towards, making the change you want and getting unstuck.

If you are stuck for time to pursue your creative inclinations… schedule some “me time”, You know artists use a lot of excuses not to do what they should do, “oh you can’t control the creative process”, or “I can only create when I’m in the mood”… I’m suggesting that you stop complaining about not having the time to “create” and simply schedule that time.  Prepare to be interrupted and accept it will happen or get crafts for the kids to do while you create your lovely art.  Take the step.

Stuck in a messy house. (this was me) My solution is to spend 5 minutes every day cleaning up a bit and to pay someone once a week to come and clean up a lot.  Turns out a friend of mind LIKES to clean, and the $25.00 I give her a week is worth every penny.  That is my solution.  I was irritated every morning when I woke up to the mess but I hate to clean and cleaning services were expensive and I was aggravated and irriated and just generally miserable, UNTIL, I took 1 step towards getting it clean, I cleaned a little tiny bit.  I felt better about it and I was able to look for different solution.  Cleaning services are CRAZY expensive, but I decided that if I quit buying coffee every morning, I was basically saving $20.00 a week… that I offered to a friend who wasn’t working and VIOLA’ my stuckness GONE!

Get Unstuck, One step at a time
Get unstuck, one step at a time

Stuck with a body weight? Well, we both know you have two options, and many people simply only focus on the “lose weight” option… and we both know that takes a certain kind of motivation.. for the rest of your life.. however, I believe that will small changes, you can change how you FEEL about your body and that will reduce much of your STUCKNESS.  For instance, make one little change… like, decide to drink enough water every day or decide that you will only eat fast food on 1 day a week or decide you will only each bread on sandwiches … you know a little very manageable step… then I urge you to look in the mirror and realize that your body is awesome.  The only… and I say, only problem with being overweight is the possible health issues… it is NOT a matter of beauty,  because we are all different and we all look different and each of us have different eyes for what is beautiful.  But if you are feeling stuck about something I say… take one small step.  That little step forward will be encouraging and help you to take further steps forward… one foot at a time.

The last two would just be repeating what I’ve already said.

So, after all of those words, the point I’m trying to make is… if you feel stuck.  If you have taken the time to understand that you feel stuck in a situation or circumstance… I suggest you take the time to think of what the first step would be to change.  Not the OMG I have to do a ton of things… find a babysitter, find the money to pay the babysitter, get gas money, buy new clothes, get my hair cut, buy shoes, buy running sneakers, clean my house, care for the dog… I am talking about the 1 thing you can do today.  That one little thing you can do today that will move you a tiny bit forward and out of being stuck.



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