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Experience Thankfulness

Wow the birds are really loud this morning, and it’s great and wonderful and I don’t know why, but I like the low rumble of the distant truck traffic on the interstate.

It’s like a low solid sound just slightly louder than a vibration. experience thankfulness

I’m enjoying watching my neighbors recently landscaped yard go from all dirt to the green carpet of grass.

And I’m wondering how cold the lightly falling rain will feel, since it’s quit warm in my house.

I’m thankful for my house.

Without thinking too much about NOT HAVING, I’d say that being thankful for having is one of the best ways to change your mood from one of sour “can’t see the bright side of anything” to “Yeah, this is awesome”.

I had a laugh with a few parents yesterday at softball.  They were complaining because the bus (which drives right by their house and appears to be half empty) won’t stop and pick up their kids, instead they’re children are going to have to be driven or walk to school which is about 1.5 miles away.

That wasn’t the funny part… the part that we laughed about, was the story… we said, “Yeah, when I was young, I had to walk to school, up hill both ways, in the snow, in my sister’s shoes”  HA HA HA

This morning I was reminded of that moment and thought, “It’s not about how hard something is…. it’s about appreciation and thankfulness, especially when it isn’t”

I guess what I’m saying is that every moment, whether it’s a challenge or a moment of joy, is a moment we can be thankful for…

It’s raining here…. and I love the pitter patter of the drops on the roof.  I love that I don’t have to water the plants that are outside, and I love that everything is a glowing with the dark color of wet.

I am thankful for today, and I’m going to make it amazing… what about you!?!

P.S. Just a side note:  If you are having a hard time being thankful today, just concentrate on the small things… the cup of coffee in your hand, the fact that the post office delivers Monday – Friday, and that you are reading my blog and I’m smiling because you are.



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