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Finding your Possibilities

If you want to find your possibilities… you are going to need to ask.

I normally try to steer away from discussing religion because I believe that,

You must find the place inside yourself where nothing is impossible
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that conversation isn’t easily discussed with the written word, which can so easily be “misread” or “misinterpreted” (especially with my propensity for typo’s) and I’m going to say this in the most broad sense… in every spiritual writing I have read we are instructed to ASK in order to RECEIVE.

Whether you ask through meditation or prayer… you must ask.

I am suggesting that once you have asked, you must allow yourself to receive.

I believe that your possibilities are limited only by your belief in … what’s possible.  If you don’t believe, you won’t get it… you won’t.  It’s as simple as that.   “Lucky” people are lucky because they are open to receive the situations and circumstances that provide them with the things that they want.  They believe they are lucky.  You believe they are lucky.  When they explain their latest bit of luck…everyone listening believes… they are lucky.

Same with a person whose hard work has paid off.  They worked hard, they worked smart… the whole time KNOWING the possibility exists and they will have success.  (side comment:  Many so called “lucky” people are really people that worked hard for what they have, we just think they’re lucky because we see their success… we don’t see the years and years of hard work behind the success.  Having said that… it doesn’t change the truth… they did it because they understood the possibility for success is real!)

Here’s the hook…  Let’s say, you ask AND you believe that you will receive…  and a day goes by… 2 days goes by… 30 days goes by… and you don’t receive… what happens?  This is where many people stumble.  This is the piece that’s missing… the PERSISTENT BELIEF in your success.

The idea is, you ask… you believe, you receive.  In our control driven world, as humans, we want to know HOW and WHEN… and I’m suggesting you need to just chill out!   Work on being ready and willing to receive.  Work on being more positive energy to invite more positive circumstances.  Work on recognizing when opportunities are placed in your path and take advantage of them… with happiness, joy and gratitude.

You can ask for a million dollars, but if you don’t believe that it’s possible, you aren’t going to receive a million dollars because when you think about it… your thoughts will be surrounded by the negative thoughts of disbelief…  I suggest, start simple.  Start with… asking to be happy, content and filled with abundance.

It ain’t easy, right?  uumm…  I’m here to say, it is.  It is easy.  It’s as easy as changing how you start your day.  Many times we spend so much time concentrating on what we don’t like, or comparing what we have to what we don’t have… we end up spending a lot of time creating the negativeness of “not having”, instead of the positiveness of gratitude and a feeling of abundance.

It’s time for you to find your possibilities… by creating your attitude of gratitude.


I know that warning seems silly and I posted it to get you in a happy, almost whimsical frame of mind, because while this is serious… it should also come naturally and happily.  I am talking about the feeling of gratitude.

Each morning I start my day with a 2-3 minutes of just being thankful.  I’m thankful for everything under the sun… and beyond.  By the end of my little exercise I can’t help smiling and I am honestly filled with joy.  There’s science behind this…

Author and researcher Dr. Robert Emmons has discovered what gives life meaning: Gratitude… Emmons found that people who view life as a gift and consciously acquire an “attitude of gratitude” will experience multiple advantages.

I believe that throughout our lives we have the gratitude programmed out of us… or it’s flipped into a negative statement, sort of like… “eat your vegetables there are starving children in Africa” or “Be happy you even have (fill in the blank) there are kids that don’t have anything”.

As adults we say, “I don’t care for my job, but I’m lucky to have one” or anything else that leaves us with a feeling of lack or not happy.

I’m proposing that we can change our lives by recognizing our current possibilities and concentrate on everything for which we are thankful.  Negative is a type of energy… if I am going to be a magnet, I’d like to attract more positive energy.

I have also noticed that with prolonged projection of positive energy, the situations that I had previously considered negative have changed.  Explain it any way you want… whether you think I changed how I was looking at the situation or the situation changed because I didn’t fall victim to the negativeness, doesn’t matter right?  It changed.

Today I have a little treat for you, I recorded a thankfulness podcast.    Each person is different, each individual has their own bits and pieces for which they can be thankful… the challenge is to put the 2-3 minutes aside each morning when you wake up and start your day with JOY!

Click Thankfulness Podcast to listen.


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