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How to Practice Non-Judgement

The simplest form of judgement is deciding whether something is bad or good.   Each time we make a judgement we assign a feeling, perhaps if you are judging a situation as bad, you may feel sad or helpless… if you are judging a person as good, you may feel elated and carefree.

Practicing non-judgement is really more about “letting go” then actually deciding that you aren’t going to judge.

The flat tire pisses you off… because it’s bad, or inconvenient.  What if… you could view the flat tire, as something that simply exists.  You take action to fix it and you’re on your way.  See the difference… by#stateofbliss, #practicenonjudgement allowing the flat tire to simply exist, it doesn’t piss you off… it is… you are… and that moment passes and you are back on the road on your way to the wedding, supermarket, book store… whatever.

The heavy traffic makes you anxious and you’re mad that you will be late for work.   What if… the traffic simply existed, and your moments in the car were filled with music or a book on tape or thoughts about the weekend.   See the difference… by letting go of the judgement of the situation, you are able to relax and concentrate on the good parts of the moment.

Are you challenged with negative feelings if you are:

Standing in line too long

Waiting for a slow check out girl

Receive a huge gas bill in the mail

Talk to an angry customer on the phone

Get in an argument with your spouse

Your neighbor has a barking dog

Your train is late

You pour your cup of coffee and realize your out of half and half

Your cell phone service drops and so does your call

Your computer is too slow to access your Facebook account.

Let it go.  Consider the moment… let go of your need to control the uncontrollable, let go of your need to judge a situation, person or circumstance, let go your need for approval.  Decide that this moment… this very moment, you are content.

In each case, realize… it is that way.  This moment, which will end shortly exists with that circumstance… and it is neither good nor bad it simply exists.  How much better do you feel… you’re not angry, or anxious, or agitated in any way… no negative feelings mounting to an angry crescendo… nothing.  non-judgement.

This is not to be construed to mean that we aren’t each to act without our moral compass and be the best that we can be… it is more about making the choice, for happiness.

This is a challenge because, while the world does not revolve around each individual; each individual can not help but view the world as if it does.

Let other people be who they are and understand that they are attracting and creating their own reality.  The more time we spend thinking negative thoughts, the more negative our lives become.    Don’t believe me?

Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.
Willie Nelson

Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will.
Zig Ziglar

“Life has no meaning except for the meaning you give it”
Tony Robbins


The choice is yours.

You decide how you are going to live, try letting go of your negative thoughts and judgement of a situation and see how you feel.

Make today Amazing!


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