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Thank you … to you

This morning is one of those awesome mornings of light rain.  I adore the sound of it as it lightly taps the roof of my writing room.

My room is a quaint 4 season porch that looks out into my

your gifts will take you places that will amaze you
your gifts will take you places that will amaze you

average American neighborhood.  In the wee hours of the morning (when I do most of my writing) I catch glimpses of neighbors walking their pets, or the newspaper delivery car… and I always see the sunrise.

Mornings like today are filled with bird song and if I close my eyes between the birds and the rain I can imagine that I’m sitting in an enclosure in the middle of the forest.  (I’d have to convince myself that the occasional roar from highway traffic is a distant waterfall)

My point is that our imagination is capable of great undertakings and my personal imaginings help start my day with the greatest foundation and positive perspective…. called JOY.

Another thing occurs to me.  You.

That’s right, funny as that sounds, You occurred to me.

Some mornings when I write, I have a specific person in mind, I think about that person and write as if I’m speaking to them, because I believe that many times many things apply to many people and by narrowing my focus to just a one person audience, I can communicate better.

This morning I thought about the people who I don’t know that might read this, and I wanted to say thank you.

Your moments are important.  How you spend them, how you choose to experience them will naturally affect your day and I’m thankful and inspired that you would spend time with me….

So, as a thank you gift, I put together a Self Discovery Exercise.  This is for you.  It’s a 7 page thank you note. 🙂  Not really, it’s a 7 page worksheet, designed to help you determine your goal, identify your blocks and encourage positive forward movement!  And, it is my thank you… to you… for you. 🙂

Make Today Amazing

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