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… who are you … to you?

The other day I was interviewing my friend and colleague Mary Ellen Hatton founder of Your Dreams Your Goals Life Coaching.  We’re  preparing to offer a free video segment on Meditation to Relieve Stress. She said something that really resonated to me.

She said, “Don’t judge”, and went on to explain that initially when she began her current path of discovery she read books, took classes and joined a meditation group.  She explained that after a particular meditation session, there were people who were describing having actually seen and spoken to Angels! … and she thought, “huh, I didn’t see any angels, maybe I’m doing it wrong.”

The fact is, that she continued to practice and found … she doesn’t see angels.  That’s not who she is… and her mistake in the beginning was thinking that she was going to have the same experience or results as someone else.

Mary Ellen said, “Don’t judge”

I love that.

Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely isolated profession, even if your business is serving other people.  Every coach, needs a coach.  The creative and wonderful people who choose to be a professional/personal coach, personal trainer,  nutritionist, or any of the other wellness expert businesses are not immune to those pangs of anxiety or self-doubt.  Hopefully you are surrounded by clients that you adore helping, who uplift and energize you as you go through your day.

It’s the day-to-day business of running your company.  The moments of  prioritizing your tasks that may leave you thinking, “UG, this is hard, how does “so and so” make it look so easy?”  ESPECIALLY, with us creatives!  We have so many big ideas, wonderful aspirations and a hundred different possibilities occurring to us at one time, pulling us in all those directions!

The key phrase is “make it look easy” because nothing is easy for everyone. You may find getting up at 5:00 am to have that 15 minute power walk easy, and I may find simply getting up at 5:00 am nearly impossible…let alone finding my sneakers and getting out the door for a power walk!  You may not know where to start to build the subscription website or content that you want to offer, and I may be able to write-up the list of steps, and produce the site in a few days.

Nothing is easy for everyone.

STOP JUDGING.  No one experiences anything the same way as anyone else.  We are all unique.  Stop thinking about what other people think about you or your experiences.

You are you.

You be you.


P.S. You aren’t alone.

We all need to have a clear vision of our dream, we all need to clearly see our ultimate goal and create smaller measurable goals that will naturally lead us to the daily, weekly and monthly action steps to reach them.  Those are the behind the scenes activities of all successful lives.  (whether your success is having more time with your family and friends or booking more client appointments… )

The trick is, to have that dream or vision that is so compelling and urgent that you are naturally inclined to take the 10 minutes each morning to revitalize yourself and prioritize your day for optimum results.   Spend those 10 minutes visualizing your dream, your ultimate goal. Don’t worry about the how of it, just give yourself those relaxing moments at the beginning of each day to relax and dream… and remember to think big.

Remember why you are doing it.

One last note:  It’s very hard to think big and talk about big ideas with someone who doesn’t understand or want to think big.  If you are talking about starting a business and changing your life … and you are talking to your friend that has told you time and time again that they will work their 9-5 job until the day they die.  You will not get the same kind of encouragement as you would get from… well, from someone like me.   Someone that wakes up each morning and isn’t afraid to consider all of the wonderful possibilities for the day!

If you are going to talk to people about your dreams, make sure you choose someone who is as excited and big thinking as you!

Have an amazing day … you are amazing!






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